1. SrOscuro

    Plugin, Seeded random numbers generator

    This is my first released plugin, a plugin to generate random numbers after initializing a generator with a seed. Seed initialized random numbers? Seeded random generators differ from the built-in random numbers because you can initialize it with a value to force always the same sequence of...
  2. SrOscuro

    Javascript, wait until images are loaded

    Hi, i am working on a plugin for my game that automatically loads parallax images on map enter. Because in big maps that is slow(1-3 seconds with strange screen effects) i want to show a 'loading image' over screen, then load all parallax images, and when everything is loaded remove the loading...
  3. Muramasamune

    Using an item to open a menu?

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently developing a game inspired by some of the older Fire Emblem games, specifically Sacred Stones on the GBA, and like that game, I wanted to implement a class change system that has 2 specific requirements: 1) The character whose class is being changed has attained a...
  4. Zheg

    RPGMMV callscript

    Hi, im wondering if exist a method to call a script (js) from the game to the html?? and process some score to it? i mean, here's an example: i have a game with hi-scores table and i want to that scores, also shown in the html i know the basic of js and html but to transfer that information...
  5. Allan Bays

    Brand New and entering IGMC 2017

    Hello everyone! My name is Allan Bays and I just picked up RPG Maker MV this month on the humble bundle. I've always loved RPGs more than any other genre of video game. I tried out RPG maker for the first time when I was a teenager on console but I did not really know what I was doing back...
  6. Allan Bays

    RMMV The Deep RPG (Political)

  7. Yitzi Litt

    hand-drawn tilesets/font/characters/EVERYTHING!!!

    [EDIT: the poll is for the art, not the game] So I have been working on my game for about a year, with all original hand-drawn art, and I realized that others may have a use for it. Here is is an example tileset: https://photos.app.goo.gl/noECe3cfTs7vEEgf1 The real question is: Will you guys be...
  8. The Drake

    Saving / Loading makes Resets

    I have been debugging my game for Errors.. I had saved the game and checking till a checkpoint.. Then after I loaded I saw that the game Variables were reseted to 0.. Is it a MV Version problem I am using 1.0.1? Does the update clear this bug? Sorry and Thank you in advance :rswt
  9. invexus

    Equipment stat boosting?

    So, I am aware of the plugins for raising the levels of weapons, items, armors, etc., but I'm looking for something more along the lines of the player choosing specifically what stats to raise on a piece of equipment given they have the required points, or maybe an item to use that grants a stat...
  10. How do you have multiple windows open at once and overlap them?

    I have a HUD in my game that I am working on and I am an amateur at javascript (I really don't know what I'm doing). I have made a decent and functional HUD. The way that I made my HUD is such that there is a window on which I draw the contents of my HUD and then I hide the window skin...
  11. firststef

    External resources renamer

    Hi guys! So i'm currently using a plugin that uses external spritesheets for characters. Is there a script call or plugin to help me rename that sprisheets so that i can change it with another?
  12. firststef

    HELP! Need a scripter to discuss about MOG LINEAR battle plugin

    Hi guys! So i,m trying to use MOG,s LMBS plugin (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-lmbs-linear-motion-battle-system/) but i have some issues. PLEASE if you know js help me... don,t leave me alone !!! even if you just read the post until the end i,ll be very gratefull. Here is the...
  13. firststef

    Skill triggers event

    Hi guys! I need some help... I want to use a skill in battle and then that skill to trigger an event. (In that event i,m planning on changing the background using MOG,s pixi effects, but not important) How do i make my skill trigger an event? Please help
  14. How to properly zoom an item far away from player character

    So basically I'm trying to make it so that when a character touch the crop(circled in BLUE) it will zoom in to a cart(circled in RED) This is what I did: var xPos = $gameMap.event(8).screenX() + 400; var yPos = $gameMap.event(8).screenY(); $gameScreen.setZoom(xPos, yPos, 2, 120)...
  15. hexsquared

    Custom Music Help

    Hi! I've been coming to this forum now and then a lot, but now I need help with something no one else has needed help with. My custom music isn't working correctly. At all. It used to start playing after around 10 seconds, but now it's not even starting. It's impossible! Here's what I...
  16. asasinsonic

    [Multiple Frames Sideview Plugin by Yami] Problems adjusting animation speed/framerate

    I've been having problems adjusting the speed for a sideview battler sheet for Yami's Multiple Frame Plugin. Simply i want the framerate speed to be at 30, but changing it to anything else, like 1 or 50, its the same, and sometimes its not? I'm probably doing something wrong but its not made...
  17. Cerevire

    FnaF Tilesets for MV

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone knew of any Five nights at Freddy's tilesets sized for MV? The ones I've found so far are very lacking and sized for VX Ace I'll take VX Ace tilesets if there's some more than just a few cupcakes but then there's the sizing issue.  I've looked into...
  18. QTwebengineprocess crashes when trying to open a project?

    Hello, I've only been using the trial version of MV so far, and in a virtual machine version of Windows 7- I had enough trouble trying to get a project CREATED, but now I can't even open it- every time I try to, I get a message that qtwebengineprocess.exe has stopped working, which makes the...
  19. Yoraee

    Decrease speed of stepping animation for events?

    The stepping animation speed is too high for my NPCs. Is there a way to decrease the stepping animation speed?
  20. Can RPGMMV make shop-oriented games?

    Hello I'm still a bit new to RPG Maker MV. I was wondering if it can handle making a game where the main character opens a shop. Sorry if this has been asked before I tried searching beforehand and didn't get anything.

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