1. CrossBones

    About mixing plugins

    Hello guys!  I have a Question... :)   it it´s possible to mix plugins? maybe i put this in this way... it is possible? because i have plugins from Yanfly, and i want to add plugins from MogHunter... and maybe from others scripters. I know I have to name them in the credits of my...
  2. RubbyDukky

    5 Wishes (willing to pay a little)

    (note: I AM willing to pay a small amount depending on the quality of your work, but it won't be much cus I'm not rich.) Hello you very nice and willing-to-help-a-pour-soul people, I'm new here, unless you mention my 2.5 years of inactivity, and I have a pretty big dream at the moment...
  3. Yoraee

    Hand-drawn Maps Advice

    Hey everyone, I am working on a game where the maps are hand-drawn. I am not adept with drawing digitally, so my process is to draw the maps on paper, scan them and then color in GIMP.  I would appreciate advice on how to optimize this process, in particular with the sizing of the maps...
  4. Cerevire

    NPC Interaction

    I'm trying to run a quest type of thing for an npc.  Basically you walk up to the npc, they tell you to go run tasks.  once you complete those tasks youll be given a key item that should activate a different set of text and dialog for that npc but my question is how do I stop the player...
  5. Jory4001

    State Icon displaying Under Battler [SOLVED]

    I am using the newest, unmodified version of Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies. When an ability adds a state to an enemy it appear under the enemy graphic. This is a problem with the Anchor. Changing the anchor to put the Icon in a correct position moves the Status Overlay, Shadow...
  6. Which RPGM version is better to do an Undertale game?

    I'm a big fan of RPG and I'm asking... Which version is better to do an Undertale game?  I prefer RPGM MV because I can use the "Mercy" gamemode but I still think RPGM VX Ace would be easier for making this project. Can you help me?
  7. Brayden P

    Im Not Able To Playtest

    So, I am making a game and I try to playtest. What happens is it stays at a black screen before (After 5 minutes) closing itself. Here is a list of plugins I'm using (this might means something.) WeaponSkill YED_EnemyPosition YEP_BattelAICore YEP_BattleEngineCore...
  8. spitnik11

    Remove battle window from popping up

    I am attempting to prevent the player battle window and all of its functions from even popping up to keep it from getting in the way of my events, my battles will instead be dialogue based that end when the correct answers are selected. I am aware that it can be phrased out of the games script...
  9. spitnik11

    2 User interface questions

    I am aware of how to edit the interface however I would like to disable a few things such as the transparent widow color as well as removing a few menus including the health menu as well as the weapon, armor, and key item tabs in the item screen, the pictures will show what I mean, I just want a...
  10. spitnik11

    A Question about the door/transition tile

    I want to be able to stand on the tile before it transitions me back outside, I figured out how to do this for the door tile outside of the house since its both impassable and above the player, so when I walk up to it i have to press up again to enter the house, how can I do this for a tile...
  11. spitnik11

    Animated tile

    Hello, this will be my first post here, I have a question about placing a looping animated tile like a water autotile in rpgmmv, (in my case its a flower) the tile is 48x48 and is 3 frames long, all of the answers I've found were for rpgmaker vx ace so I am hoping someone has an answer for mv.
  12. Auto tiling help?

    Hi again,  I came back after a break from rpgmaker since I had some stuff to t ake care of and I couldnt find the time. But as of right now I cant get the autotiling to work (just toying around, trying to get the gist of it). I have my tiles on the right size but the problem is that I...
  13. miyanke

    Chef / Vampire / Blue Mage / Blu Mag (Quina)

    Hello everyone, I found several "Blue Mage"'s scripts: Driftwood's in which checking the enemy you can learn a skill. L'esparver in which when you are hitted by the attack you learn it. In my game those are going to be different classes, "Sage" for the first, the character will "Study"...
  14. RoroPanda

    RPG Maker MV Real Time Battle

    Is there an Real Time Battle/Action Battle System plugin or script for RPG Maker MV? Whenever I search it up, I only get the ones for VX Ace.
  15. Yumihara

    How to make a Collectible Counter?

    I use MV, and right now I am having trouble trying to find out how to make a Counter that shows up whenever a collectible is obtained. Example, each time I collect a special coin a message box, or even an indicator in the top right would say "1/20 collectibles obtained" and each one you get...
  16. orcomarcio

    8 Directions Sprites in MV

    Hi,  I programmed an 8 dir code and i wanted to implement and 8 dir sprite system. since the sprite system seems a little bit messy/unclear, before spending some time trying to figure how to do it maybe someone knows where I should be looking for in the code or what i have to do in a general...
  17. waxing-pygmalion

    Problem with Character Generator sprites

    Hello, everyone. I'm very new to the RPG Maker series, MV being the first and only installment I've ever used, so I've been doing a lot of research for it. Still, I'm having a problem with the Character Generator that I can't find a solution for. I'll make the character, then export the face...
  18. PotionDose

    How Do I Add Side-Battler Specific Graphics?

    So, if i wanted to add graphics for guns from this post here, How would i add them to look like that during the fight? Thanks in advanced! :D
  19. How to run an event after battle completion?

    I want to run an event at the end of a random battle but it doesn't seem to be possible. All I want to do is increment a variable for every type of enemy killed. For example, if I won a battle against two slimes, the variable SlimeKills would increase by two. The end of a battle doesn't seem to...
  20. Richard Dragon

    Set Event Location, someone know the Script?

    Hi, i see the list but there is no Script for Set Event Location, Someone know?. Thanks in advice, :)

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