1. Pe4enika

    Map transition

    Eeeh, hello, that's me again, three days in a row... I wanted to make a room under the floor (not another level, no) and decided to create it using a copy of the main map with necessary modifications. I added a character teleportation event without the black screen effect. But when everything...
  2. Pe4enika

    Looking for floor tiles...

    Hello, I have been recently looking for modern floor (A2) light tilesets, like smooth stone, tiles, or ceramics. I rushed through popular libraries like Granny's and Any's but didn't find anything similar in the A2 category. If I missed something or if you have anything to share, I would greatly...
  3. RMMZ Attachable Augments for MZ

    Looking for something that functions essentially identically to the YEP/Yanfly MV plug-in “attachable augments” found here: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Attachable_Augments_(YEP) . Sadly, there is as of yet no VisuStella Tier 2/3 plug-in that replicates this function for MZ. If theres a workaround...
  4. dyzzythedemon

    How To Create Knocked Down Status, and AOA

    Heya! I'm working on a persona-like, and I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to create the "knocked down" condition for enemies, and how to make it recognize when they're all knocked down and initiate a big finisher. I realize this is tricky coding and rpg-maker wise, and I'm using MZ...
  5. Yanntastisch

    RMMZ Use single Picture for Sideview Actor? MZ

    Hello, is there a plugin for RPG Maker MZ that allows me to use a single sprite from the /prictures or /sv_battlers folders for actors too? I have found one but only for MV from Vector: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/ve-battler-graphic-setup.57688/ Currently I would have to...
  6. Nowis-337

    [MZ/MV] Limit Screen Flash Option - v1.0

    Limit Screen Flash Option - Version 1.0 Nowis-337 Introduction Intense flashing screens can be uncomfortable for players who are photosensitive or those who have gotten too used to dark modes. 300px This plugin adds an option to limit the intensity of flashing screens in RPG Maker MZ or MV in...
  7. byte

    RMMZ Shaking Text for RPGMMZ

    Hello everyone! I've been looking for a replacement for MZ of SRD_ShakingText.js for a couple of days, but with poor results. I was wondering if there was a similar one for the new RPG Maker :^ ( I'm talking about this: http://sumrndm.site/shaking-text/ )

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