1. RMMV RPGMV Uncommon problem with actor face resize

    Ok so i search the internet using the keywords and i dont find any solution to my existing problem while developing the gam engine: rpgmv I use yanfl'y engine core plugin so i can resize my game I made tons of pictures in game representin actors in good quality. so basic rpgmv screen...
  2. 2 quests per one event/character?

    Hey guys! I’m working on my first game but I’m still new at it. so I’m trying to make it so a character gives the player two different quests. but I’m not sure which order to make the events. There are 4 switches, 2 for each quest. A start and end quest switch. I’m not sure which order it should...
  3. Front Combat that changes images depending on action and effects.

    Hello! Basically I'm planning to do a front combat where when you hit an enemy, they change the image of said enemy from the neutral pose to a blocking or being hit pose or whatever pose I want it to be. Same thing if they attack, the image should change when they do a normal or a skill to the...
  4. ShadowDragon

    RMMV Mouse Hover Plugin

    PluginName: SDJB_MouseHover Author: ShadowDragon TERMS OF USE: Credit ShadowDragon Do not redistribute the plugin but link back instead. (either forum or itch.io) forum: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?members/shadowdragon.130321/ itch.io: https://shadowdragon-jb.itch.io DO NOT CHANGE...
  5. hoboayoyo

    RMMV YEP action sequence. Open new text boxes after initial one.

    For my games super attack I want the character to talk during the attack. The issue is that the dialog box seems to freeze all action, and only one dialog box will be displayed during the entire action sequence, so every other instance of 'gameMessage.add' does nothing. I've tried using clear...
  6. How to stop Mog_BossHP from fading in between dialogue

    I really like how Mog_BossHP looks and tried messing around with it but I was unsure if there's way to keep it anytime there is dialogue in the fight? Whenever dialogue occurs or an image appears, the HP bar fades away and then comes back and it's a bit annoying. I'd prefer to keep it until the...
  7. BDruid70

    How To Make A State That Repeats The Last Skill Performed?

    Question, I'd like help with a state I'm working on. When the state is applied, there's a chance it'll automatically repeat the last skill that was performed by them, except it bypasses any requirements that was originally used for it. Ex. If a character has the state and uses skill that...
  8. BDruid70

    How Would I Go About Making A State That Gives The User A Specific Amount Of Guaranteed Dodges?

    Hi, I was wondering how I could create a state that gives the user a specific amount of guaranteed dodges when being attacked? Ex. The state gives the user 3 guaranteed dodges, and is guaranteed to dodge the next 3 damaging skills, but once they run out the state is removed automatically.
  9. fazthestampede

    RMMV Showing a Pic as a common event w/ YEP Main Menu Manager

    Hi. I'm a noob. I need help in using Yanfly's main menu manager plugin. I want to create an option in my main menu where the players can see a specific picture when the option is clicked. So far, I made the option appear as the following: with the plugin as the following: I want whenever the...
  10. FlandreScarlet64

    Free 16-bits/retro styled tilesets.

    Hi i was searching a lot for some kind of free 16 bits/retro styled tilesets, i did found a cool one but it was made for rpg maker 2003 when i use vx ace (and converting tilesets from 2003 to vx ace while possible, is a pain), if possible i was looking for something similar to the snes final...
  11. Antonius

    Line up the parallax background with the tileset?

    I've been replacing 90% of RPG Maker with Dragonbones, and have been overall successful, and I'm happy with how it's going. However I've tearing my hair out with some of the "under the hood" problems that MV is giving me. I'm trying to keep my character sprites/events as center as possible to...
  12. How do you make people notice you from a distance?

    Basically, I'm trying to make a game that's got enemies that can notice you from a few tiles away - Like Pokemon Trainers? - but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
  13. MRD256

    RMMV Innocent Love

    I have made my first ever game and would like to get people's feedback on it. SYNOPSIS: Elliot and his friends have received a letter from an old man who wants them to retrieve an old family heirloom from atop a devilish tower. Fight your way through several floors as you make your way to the...
  14. CardeMaker

    RMMV How can i force CGMV_TitleSystem to skip to the other title

    Just contextualizing, CGMV_TitleSystem is an really cool plugin that allows you to have multiple main menu backgrounds, such as images and also maps, by default, they change according time, but i don't like it, i want to make it somehow using events, but i don't know what can i do for forcing it...
  15. TRADE Updated: RPGMV "Project: Infinity" Monster Collecting Game

    Update: Edited post to add "Trade". If you can code plugins for me I can exchange my time to help you with your projects! Besides working in MV/MZ & XP, I have very useful skills in image enhancement in gimp and photoshop to make game art pop, and have done thousands of portraits, maps...
  16. Nowis-337

    [MZ/MV] Limit Screen Flash Option - v1.0

    Limit Screen Flash Option - Version 1.0 Nowis-337 Introduction Intense flashing screens can be uncomfortable for players who are photosensitive or those who have gotten too used to dark modes. 300px This plugin adds an option to limit the intensity of flashing screens in RPG Maker MZ or MV in...
  17. CardeMaker

    How can i get an save file information and make events based on it?

    I don't know if the title make it clear, but what i have in mind is to make an main menu based on Valve's campaign games (such Half-Life 2 and Portal 2) where the title screen background changes according to your most recent save file, how can i obtain save data for using as an variable or...
  18. CardeMaker

    RMMV Where do i find plugins that put the main menu in an map and don't crash my game?

    i don't know if the title got clear, but what i am looking for is an plugin just like SRD_TitleMapBackground and N_TitleMap, with the simple condition that it is none of the both, because both crash in my project, SRD_TitleMapBackground crashes because i have YEP Gridfree Doodads in my project...
  19. Klimber

    RPG Maker MV Build for Mac OC

    I have windows, but I want to build for Mac. I don't have a Mac myself or any of my friends. How can I build a Mac version? Is there a service for this?
  20. CardeMaker

    RMMV How can i add an custom menu in YEP_MainMenuManager via scripting?

    So, i just made an custom menu scene with SceneCustomMenu by Triacontane, this plugin doesn't allows you to put an link for your custom menu in the main menu, so i tried using YEP_MainMenuManager, but i couldn't do it without using common events, and there's two things that i hated about it: 1 -...

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