1. desertbriar

    RMMV YEP Attachable Augments: Adding a slot to equipment

    This is for the YEP Attachable Augments plugin. I'm trying to add a specific augment slot at certain points in the game for specific armor ids with script calls. I tried following the code snippet from this thread on the rpgmaker subreddit, but it doesn't seem to work. // Array of item IDs...
  2. RoncoMonco

    Sudden problem with MV Project

    Hello there! I have always visited this forum when I had problems with my project, I have always found excellent advice and helpful people. But today I have a problem that I can't solve in any way. I am willing to share my project to anyone who wants to help me and even give him a reward. I have...
  3. BDruid70

    How Do I Make Magic Defense Equal Defense?

    Quick question, how do I make MDF equal def for both allies and enemies? I only need one DEF stat in my game, so I want to make both of them equal and just hide MDF from the menu's. I'm using most Yanfly Plugins. I would prefer to do it through Yanfly Base Parameters Control since it's...
  4. FREE REQUEST Seeking Two Pairs of Drawing Hands...

    I have been Dillying a lot while debating over this subject. I have Dallied just as much. Unfortunately for me, I seem to have truly Hit a Barrier which I cannot Get Over on my own. I believe it is time for me to set aside plenty of my Pride and actually cough up a proper Recruitment Thread, or...
  5. BDruid70

    How To Make An Absorption Barrier Based On Attack? (Yanfly Absorption Barrier)

    Hi, I'm using Yanfly's Absorption Barrier Plugin and the way it works is fine, but I would prefer my barriers to based on how much Attack the user has. What I want is a skill that puts up an Absorption Barrier based on 2x the user's Attack. Any help?
  6. RMMV State Notes with Yanflys Auto Passive States

    Hello, i use the Yanflys Auto Passive States and I would like to use a fixed value as a passive status instead of one in percentages. So i try the: $gameActors.actor(actorId).addParam(paramId, n); For Actor 3 (Marsha) $gameActors.actor(3).addParam(3, 10) Marsha should get + 10 DEF as soon as...
  7. RMMV Faces in Menu Status Customize to large

    Hello, i use the SRD_MenuStatusCustomizer Plugin and the faces in the menu are to large (my resolution 1280 x 720). The Visual Options - Visual Rows are 6 The Status Windows - Status Ino Colums and Rows are 3 How can i fix this ?
  8. RMMV Questions about Row Formation (YEP)

    Hello, i have the Row Formation (YEP) Plugin and i have some questions. 1. How can i set it: The melee fighters in the 1 row can only attack enemys in the 1 row, when all enemys in the 1 row are defeated than the melee fighters can attack the 2 row. 2. How can i set it: A skill (for example...
  9. Plugins

    Hi, newbie here again. I'm in need of knowledge on how to create custom stats I.E. Dualwielding 1/10 Seems some of my friend said possibly a plugin but where do I find the right one :O
  10. How to make an Enemy to autoequip an item to actor upon defeat

    Im making a mod, inside a RPGMV game, and i want to make, certain enemies equip to actors, an item that puts debuffs, and its unequibable (im working on a quest for that). Im really new programming, and i dont know how to do it, so any help is really appreciated
  11. ShadowDragon

    SDJB_AlertConfirmPrompt window for MV/MZ

    PluginName: SDJB_AlertConfirmPrompt Author: ShadowDragon === TERMS OF USE === Free for Non-Commercial and Commercial use when credit is given. credit one of the following: ShadowDragon ShadowDragonJB Version + UPDATE'S 5-09-2023 Version 0.1.0 first release === WARNING === YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED...
  12. Retractible bridge by using a button

    Hello all! First post on the board! I love to create and detail maps, but i lack the terms and knowledge to make them functional... I'm banging my head to create a "simple" button/lever to just remove the bridge(like a retractible one) and putting water in it's place and the otherway around if...
  13. Tailo_Sakane

    RMMV A quick question on basic Coding Logic (SOLVED)

    Howdy y'all! I'm learning how to do code with MV and I've come across this basic For Loop that I THINK I'm reading correctly but if I am then the logic seems weird to me, so I'm hoping someone here can help me to understand it all better. The For Loop is this: var x =...
  14. AB_Deviant

    Sprites for MV

    I'm sharing my sprites that I'm working on. It's still a WIP. I'll keep updating it. All bass are my own design and I will do as much as is necessary for me It may not have combat/heal/magic actions or whatever But I will update it someday. They fit right in the MV. Hopefully it will fit in MZ...
  15. makeing an RPG-maker MV tile-based map editor

    I was having fun trying to make an RPG-maker MV tile-based map editor You can do what you want with it ps: The way i am displaying the tiles here is still just a placeholder. In a real tile-based map editor, each tile ID would correspond to a specific tile in a tileset, and you'd use image...
  16. DSAF fan game (Visual novel type) and port help!

    So I'm making a Dayshift at Freddy's fan game (it's a fnaf fangame in a visual novel type style, really funny game), but I have no clue where to start, I wanted to see the games code but I can't find it nor figure out how to port it into RPG maker MV (the game was made on RPG maker MV btw) I...
  17. ShadowDragon

    [MV, MZ] SDJB_CheatEngine

    PluginName: SDJB_CheatEngine Author: ShadowDragon === TERMS OF USE === Free for Non-Commercial and Commercial use when credit is given. credit one of the following: ShadowDragon ShadowDragonJB Version + UPDATE'S 3-08-2023 Version 0.1.0 first release 5-09-2023 Version 0.2.0 modified to work...
  18. Moving over from VX Ace!

    Hiya - I'm Hafsa, but you can call me Deeyah/D/HijabiFox. I used to use VX and VX Ace way back when; I played around with the engines when VX Ace was still relatively new. Coming back to it now though MV looks so much better, I decided to give it a shot and wow... it's different (I've also seen...
  19. Parallax resolution match with the game?

    I have been working on adding parallax maps into my game to make it look "better", with lighting and such. I was a bit stupid and created the parallax map in 672x480 resolution, which is too small for MV, so I'm currently working on creating the map again but in 1104x624, or 23x13 tiles. Now my...
  20. BDruid70

    How Do I Make Luck Affect Critical Multiplier, Critical Evasion & Evasion?

    Hi, so I saw this brought up in threads a couple times but never found a solution. I want my luck stat to essentially act as buffer for sub parameters to give it some versatility and have it be valuable. What I want is for my Luck Stat to affect my Critical Multiplier, Critical Evasion, &...

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