1. TsukiTheLunatic

    RMMV Clossed

    It's not necessary help anymore
  2. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV Road/Tilled Soil Autotile Plugin?

    Howdy y'all, I've heard this would be impossible to do with eventing (although I'm sure I can figure out some way to do this without Autotiling), so I figured I would put a request here to see if anyone knew a plugin that would work for this. I'm trying to make a Road Creation/Tilled Soil...
  3. NexoNeko

    MV/MZ Iconset auto-align (Photoshop)

    Hey guys, I just released a (free) action set for Photoshop, designed to auto-align icons to a 32x32 grid. It can align up to 180 icons in one go. Demonstration: I included a user manual in the Zip files with the tutorial on how to use it, as well as some common errors you can run into. This...
  4. bluechuii

    How to make a Select screen/ Interactive menu

    I've tried looking for some helpful answers but all that comes up is to do with the actual in-game menu or a 'character select' screen. But what I'm looking for is a way where, you action button an object and it transitions to a screen where you can select armor, It takes up the screen and you...
  5. Myste_267

    Need Help... Again

    So I was fixing up some bosses' content scripts and improving their conditions. and when I went to test it by going over to my Guild manager, it just freezes the player. it worked fine before. no freezes. a bit of lag, though i think thats because my laptop is doo doo- but it was working fine! I...
  6. RMMV Does anyone know how to use MogHunter's Scene Menu Plugin?

    Hey y'all, Moghunter created a new blog but hasn't updated it in almost a year. On his old blog there were tutorials for every plugin (not in english but I translated it) and Youtube videos demonstrating how it worked. His new blog has none of this for his plugins. In fact, it looks like he...
  7. Orange Overlays problem

    Basically my game has a system (parallel common event) to check what armor the player has equiped so that it can change the actor image. I don't know how this would cause any issues with the orange Overlays plugin, but it does. Every time I change armor and the image of the actor updates, the...
  8. zoozobrastudios

    [I need help] The game works on one mobile but not on another.

    Hi, I am currently trying to port the game to Android. When I run it on the emulator or on an old mobile I have, the game runs fine; however, when I try it on a newer mobile that I have, the game does not work and shows the following error: I can't figure out why it works on one device and...
  9. Cat_w_Mask

    RMMV MOG_SceneItem plugin for removing categories

    MOG_Scene Item plugin for removing item categories Hello, good night everyone.. Sorry to disturb your great night, but it seems i have a little problem about this plugin [Ignore the resolution xD] I want to remove item categories (Weapon and Armors) from Item Menu. I already tried many...
  10. FaolanBlade

    FREE [Early Access Game] Embers upon Ashes: Skirmish - Looking for Testers, Artists, Creators & Warmongers!

    Hello hello, I am Fao (F-way) (short for Faolán (F-way-lawn))I'm an Irish game dev with a lot of enthusiasm for my projects I've been using RPGM VX since 2016 and RPGM MV since 2018 and have really gotten the hang of simple basics Which is why I'm so happy to finally have a project game that I...
  11. Lyonel_Dangue

    Making Cinematic Black Bars (Borders)

    Hey, guys, I want to share this cinematic black bars I made, its very simple and was made for the resolution 1109x624 (Default - 16:9). Create a Parallel Event on the beggining of the game and make it show the picture I made (See Spoiler), configure the picture to appear at Center (600, 300)...
  12. Vaddix

    RMMV Dyztopia! Chapter 1 & 2!

    Dyztopia: A Post-Human RPG Discover the world after the world's end. Play as an agent gone rogue trying to make the world a better place. Quit your job! Synopsis: The world ended due to a demonic invasion. Now new humanoids walk the earth dealing with the remnants of our present. The President...
  13. IzumiRecord

    Error on loading images

    Hello I have a problem that I have to solve urgently, not long ago I lost information from my hard drive and I had to recover my project without being able to get much really. In what occurs to me to unzip a version of the game that I had taken out previously, but now there is image file with...
  14. wbthehero

    RMMV How to change the battle style mid game

    so, in my game i am creating you travel though different dimensions and each time you do that the battle switches back and forth between the first person and the 3rd person styles but i can't figure out how to do that. I've tried different plugins but they all Gitch the game so it can't read for...
  15. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Picture Gallery Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a picture gallery. Players can find special items throughout the world that give them access to pictures in a gallery. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine (script, optional)...
  16. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Keypad Puzzle Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a keypad puzzle. Players enter a combination on the keypad, and if it is correct, they get a reward (such as treasure or a door opening). Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine...
  17. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Scratch Card Voucher Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a Scratch Card Voucher system. Players can scratch off squares to earn prizes, and get additional prizes for scratching certain amounts of cards. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core...
  18. kanyatanishande

    RMMV Change title music with plugins?

    The title pretty much sums this post up. It's perfectly fine if this is impossible, I'm just curious if I can do a little something to add to the gimmick with my game's OST. So basically, my game's OST currently has 4 different styles. A NES style, a SNES style, an ORG style (which is basically...
  19. CardeMaker

    RMMV Problem with SRD Supertools Engine

    I made a topic with this problem a while ago but it had gone nowhere, now i'm here again. so, i have this error with SRD SuperTools Engine every time i launch the game, i don't know if it's the same error from the last time, but this time i'm a bit more wise about it. i know this is not an...
  20. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Changing Skill Text Color Mid-Combat (Tried VE ControlText)

    With my game I'm trying to have a system where elements will do more damage if other elemental states are applied to an enemy. However with 10 elements it could be annoying for a player to remember which elements gain a bonus in that situation. I want to be able to color the text of a skill in...

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