1. kanyatanishande

    [MV] "Sample" LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH (Audacity 3.0) trick bugging out?

    Hiya, I've come across quite a weird issue with audio files that I want to have "intros" and "loop points". A while ago, someone introduced a technique that allowed you to put certain code into an audio file so that when played in RPGMaker, the start of the audio only played once and there was a...
  2. Karbonic

    Switch Toggle Function?

    Hi! I'm looking for a script command to toggle set switch on and off. Doing so using the normal switch control command would require a conditional branch to check whether it is already on or off, which I'd like to avoid. Basically, I'm looking for an MV equivalent of this VXA solution. I hope...
  3. Kostopher

    RMMV Advice on custom menus code

    Hey all! I hope this is in the right place. I have been wanting to make a custom menu and I know veeeeeeeeeery little about Java, and what I know is: That I hate it. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips on how to make a menu look a specific way/ if anyone has a plugin that does...
  4. RMMV Please help to fix that

    Pleaseeeee help to fix that, i need use this awesome script.
  5. help me please

    I wanted to know how do I import clothes, hair, beards and stuff to the RPG maker MV
  6. Hunor

    Can you use RPG MV resources and music with RPG MZ for commercial and non-commercial project?

    Checking just in case. Can you use RPG MV resources and music with RPG MZ for commercial and non-commercial project? For example; can I use all of the DLC music and other resources that I bought from steam for RPG MV with RPG MZ instead, for either commercial or non-commercial projects?
  7. Vis_Mage

    MV - Beehouse Sprite

    Hey, could someone help me out with creating a couple sprites for MV? Resource Type: Tile (or character sprite, either works) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I'm looking to create two different beehouse sprites. The first being a more traditional hive sprite on a table, and the...
  8. kugokugo

    RMMV Ask for a special extra movement setting

    I would like to make a special buff to my character, a buff that the character may have chance to have one more action. Which is after all character(including enemy) action before the new turn starts, the buff will allow that character to choose any action he want(e.g. Attack/cast spell/use...
  9. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV Yanfly Save Core - Autosave - Option Core

    Hello @Yanfly Sorry if i disturb you here, i want to inform you that the code that you provided in the expansion script AutoSave for Save Core, for add the function in the Option Menu, it simply doesn't work :( I read some thread from people that ask the same thing, but nobody replied. Can...
  10. Fring Frang

    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    Hey gang, over the past four years, I've bent RPG Maker MV into a 5-hour point-and-click adventure game built in collaboration with my Acadian hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia. Over 130 people participated in making the game, including over 100 voiced NPC performances, music for the dynamic...
  11. RMMV Plugin that replaces actor upon death with the next in the queue.

    Hi there, I am working on a rework/rerelease of the old mobile game Dragon Island Blue. I´ve go a lot of people that want this game to be fully playable again without the needs of an old phone and an apple id that did download the game years ago. I´ve already set up a lot for the battle system...
  12. KoalTK

    Running Animation?

    Hi all, I'm just here to ask how I can make a seperate animation for characters while dashing, since I couldn't find any threads for this (I even used advanced search). Thanks in advance, and have a nice day.
  13. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Skill equipment learning Help

    I’m trying to create the following system where certain equipments equipped to certain characters will temporarily give them certain skills. I’ve looked at this plugin https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/equipment-common-events.57234/ But have been getting [type error cannot read...
  14. Kristina

    Sewer Tileset smoke missing

    I got the sewer and factory tileset. I noticed that this smoke...damp or what to call it isn't in the pack. First I didn't think much of it but then I noticed that a game using the tiles is using that exact smoke like on the picture. Where do I find it?
  15. Making the Enemy Hero use his tired animation during Cut Scene

    Hello, i'm working on a battle where at the end, the enemy is supposed to be crouching after taking enough hits and it heals herself up and goes back to normal stance, but i can't seem to do it, is there any way i can force the Sv actor enemy to do an animation?
  16. Icons that replace HP and MP

    Hi! I'm working on a fangame in RPG Maker MV, and I'm looking to see if there's any way to replace the HP and MP text with icons, whether it'd be a simple way or even a plugin. [Example: replacing the "HP" text with a heart icon] I'd appreciate it if somebody could help me out with this...
  17. frokas

    Porting to MAC OS X and safeguarding my assets?

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask if there is a similar program like Enigma Virtual box to safeguard my assets the same way it does on Windows by converting it all in one .exe file. Many thanks for the replies.
  18. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence - Random Targets

    Hi. I'm trying to make an attack that randomly hits a couple targets. Yanfly's Action Sequence might seem to be the best way to actually do this but... I'm not sure how to actually rig the attack up. Regardless of what I input or use what seems to happen with Scope; 2 Random Enemies(or more)...
  19. ChibiCreator

    Random encounters not working

    I need some help figuring out why my random encounters are not working. I tried a new game with the same plugins I used in that game and random encounters still worked, so I think my plugins aren't at fault but I still added a screenshot of the ones I am using. I watched videos and tutorials...
  20. RMMV Change the system path for pictures in the "Picture" folder

    Hi guys, I need some help. I am not an expert in codes, so I ask you to be patient. I need to necessarily change the RPG Maker MV internal directory. I need that the .png images I choose should not be taken from the "Pictures" folder but from the "Titles 1" folder. Can you tell me how I can do...

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