1. XGuarden

    Pluggin issue

    I curently try to us MK_AdvancedMove.js. It's a pathfinder. Unfortunatly each time I try( even on new projet) to use this.moveTowardPoint(X,Y), I got error : cannot read property "dir 8" of undefined. The original developper seem do no be active anymore, can you help me with that please...
  2. XGuarden

    bug on editor

    All caracter was saver under a .js file for configuration of the editor. I was in version 1.2. I updated rpg maker to version 1.3.4 and my .js file did't load anymore =:0( Any idea how to solve this?
  3. XGuarden

    Get the <down:19> valu of maptag.

    I curentry to to use script call for an event. In the scriptcall, one of the parameter will be the value inside maptag <down:19>. Just the 19 of course. Apparently that require some code and I think it's a good start for learning coding with javascript and rpgmaker also. Can anyone can...
  4. XGuarden

    Posible to get tag in scrip?

    I want to know if it's posible to get tag (comment) from the script line. For exemple, in my map tag(comment) I put the ID of a map over and lower. if player use a stair, the script will make him tp to the lower or over map at the exact same position. Thy have many way to use it...
  5. XGuarden

    Bug correction

    HI, we can set in til property that here will be in front or in back of an a tile. But hero tak a little more then a tile, so when hero was just under a tile that he suposse to be in back, he got the top of his heat cut. Anyway to solve this issue?
  6. XGuarden

    NPC stack

    I do event in my game like every npc go to a stair and take it. Basicly they go in the stair and because transparent and pass trought... But I facing a problem. NPC seam do not want to stack. First NPC go on the stair place, but after other NPC go on the stair place and then move on...
  7. firststef

    Copying progress from actor to another

    Hi everyone! I,m currently creating a game about possesed swords. At one point in my story my character gets possesed and changes appearence. I want a plugin that lets me copy the progress ive done with my first actor form and paste it on the second form. I also have to mention that i,m...
  8. watermark

    Would making smaller rooms use up less memory?

    I have a question for devs who know more about the inner workings of RPG Maker MV. Does MV use up less memory if lots of smaller maps are used? For example, if I divided a 60x60 map into 4 maps of 30x30, would that decrease the memory used? Or would it have no effect at all because maybe MV...
  9. Ygdrassill

    Help resizing IconSet for MV

    Hey all, I've never really done any resizing or messing around with redoing tilesets, so It would be fantastic if someone could help me out and resize this iconset for RPGMV for me. I tried once but couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  I appreciate any help or info even to just how to...
  10. RicoRob

    How to USE a Key item?

    I want to make a book, as a Key Item. But in the menu it is just grayed out. I don't want it as a regular item (mostly food) or as a main menu option. The Common Event the book is supposed to trigger is just a text box that says "asdgdasda" Please and thank you.

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