1. shrinker1

    help with images

    Is it possible to show an image in the description of a skill?
  2. shrinker1

    im new and need help with pokemon buffs

    Hi please help me i dont know where to post and need help with buff like Pokemon system. I have been looking for weeks to no use.
  3. Kristina

    Remove hp/mp/tp/level from menu

    Hi game makers, Since I'm making a non combat game, then I have no need for hp, mp, level etc. in the status. I just want the face, name and class name. That's it. Now, I have managed to remove anything that's not needed except the level - it's the only one I need gone. I have used a plugin to...
  4. Kristina

    Make a task/achievement menu

    Hi game makers, I need to make some sort of a task menu and also an achievement menu. They need to work the same way. Basically, what I want to make a list of tasks/achievements with a icon next to each of them. When one task is done, the icon needs to change and that's pretty much it. I...
  5. Raexxar

    Where I can find things downloaded from Steam Workshop?

    As in the title.
  6. Raexxar

    Command Menu instead of Normal Menu RPG Maker MV (PLEASE HELP)

    Hello, i was trying to replace normal menu with my own command menu, and that command menu would have option to push normal menu, yanfly journal, options, saves and to title command. For now i have 2 problems: 1. I don't know how to exactly replace that, when i make input.keyMapper[27] (which is...
  7. I'm new so can i ask for some help For my horror game

    Hi i'v had RPG maker for a while now but haven't really made a game so i decided to make a horror game but i'm struggling with a few things Games premise) the premise is that your a detective called Zack that get set out to investigate some mysterious murders. however during the investigation...
  8. I can't find my DLC or Generator folder and plugins won't install [windows10]

    I got MV in 2017 and never got around to doing much at the time. Now that I have a better computer, I finally wanted to start using MV. the problem is that i had bought DLC but it wasn't in the game. i looked at a bunch of tutorials and have seen that there's supposed to be a Generator folder...
  9. ShadowDragon

    RMMV ShadowDragon_EC

    PluginName: ShadowDragon_EC (EasyCurrency) Author: ShadowDragon TERMS OF USE: Credit ShadowDragon & YoraeSante (for fixing suffix problem). TSR, The Northen Frog for YEP_X_MoreCurrency compability and shop item prices. Credits to Burning Orca is optional, but appreciated. You are allowed to...
  10. xDRAGOONx

    Creating a dynamic basic attack with Yanfly's weapon unleash and a custom function

    Greetings makers! xDRAGOONx here, bringing you my very first tutorial! This tutorial highlights how I use Yanfly's Weapon Unleash Plugin (which is a paid plugin), as well as a custom function added through a small plugin, to replace the standard attack skill with a modified attack skill based...
  11. Microphone detection for horror/stealth game

    I was trying to find a microphone detection plugin where, whenever a player makes a sound, it could alert enemies nearby to the player. Gives a sense of realism. There was a thread that had something similar but the post was old, and the answer that was provided was speculation. where I need...
  12. hikaru909

    Change equipped clothing with YEP Buff & States Core

    Is it possible to change equipped clothing using the Buff & States Core? My idea is that I am having a character transform and, on top of that, it changes their clothing (and it changes back when it wears off). Is such a thing possible with the B & S Core, or is does it require custom scripting...
  13. How to skip Skill Menu and just show Skills?

    Hey everybody, I'm back with another question. So, I'm using basically most of Yanfly's amazing plugins and have a question in just the main menu. So, in battle, when selecting the skills command, it just shows usable skills immediately and you can pick whatever. However, in the main menu...
  14. Simientes

    Multiple Triggerable Sound Layers?

    Hi! Im kinda new in here but I would love if someone has a hint or believe this can be attainable. I'm thinking on make the music variable according to my group party (each character is defined by an instrument, and that instrument will plays in the background only if he is in the party) so...
  15. SrOscuro

    Saving and loading into specific file?

    I am trying to implement in my game my own load/save mechanic. I want to save into a file the current game status everytime the player interacts with a savepoint event. When the player dies, loses one live and in case lives>1 a list of previous savepoints is presented on screen to choose one...
  16. Xyonel

    Get Location info

    Hey guys, someone know very well uses and limitation of get location info? I've encountered some problem with this function, even if I get the id and put these in variables, when I recall the debug window in playtest i see that sometimes the variable give 0 value. I use 4 get location info for...
  17. Runnyyy

    How to make fighting on map battles?

    Hello, I'm incredibly new to the whole 'game making' scene, and I'm wondering if this is possible to pull off using RPG Maker MV. Basically, is there a way to make fights happen on the maps, instead of opening the battle sequence? For example: like in old Zelda titles for the NES/SNES, or...
  18. MusicalSamurai

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    I have two concerns with RPGMV... I'll first mention the least annoying and then move on to my most pressing issue. 1. RPGMV Deployment with 'Exclude Unused Files" ticked will completely ignore Images, Music & Sounds that have been referred to Programmatically (such as a custom plugin) - This...
  19. tom55200

    Yanfly CTB Modifications - Semi Automatic Fighter

    Hello, I am attempting to make Digimon World style game where you are essentially watching your Digimon fight another, but you should still be able to use items or flee the battle. I was wondering if it would be possible to use Yanfly's CTB plugin to have the actor and enemy automatically...
  20. LunarViolet

    Ghost Player

    I don't know if it is the correct forum to ask this question. How can I make my player can walk through NPCs? Acting like the player to be a ghost. I tried checking the "Through" options to the NPC event but the NPC also walks through tilesets since the NPC has a random route. I also used Yanfly...

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