1. Jaded

    Hi from Jaded

    I am creating my first game, though I have designed dozens in my head already, this is the first actual one to be "creating" it. It is a simple one designed to just get the basics done with a part 2 for when I get the advanced stuff understood. Ravenna is the mythical big city the game is...
  2. Jaded

    proper crediting? where to put them?

    Hi there, I had a few questions about proper crediting the resources we use. Is there a spot when making the game where we add it all, like as the game ends? so far I have bought: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker MV: Essentials Set Time Fantasy: Farm and Fort Time Fantasy: Winter Tiles And I think...
  3. dungeon lighting

    So i was thinking, is it possible to make some area in one map completly dark before the player reach that section of the map. Like say, the character is in entrance of the dungeon, but there is a passageway to another area in that map, but if the player not yet visit that place, it will be...
  4. CalebW

    Is this a feature of RPGMV?

    I remember owning RPG XP a couple of years ago, and having the capabilty to link maps together so that during gameplay the travel was seamless from one map to another. However, I'm not seeming to find that option in RPG MV. Am I just blind?
  5. Teddy97

    Help with on map encounters

    Hello. I'm using a plugin for letting the on map enemy sprite chase the player once he detects him within a few tiles. If the player escapes from a battle and returns to the map, then the enemy sprite should wait some frames before chasing the player again. Meanwhile, the player should be able...
  6. Qabs Conditional branching when HP=0 of the enemy is achieved

    Hello. I am using QABS plugin. And I don't know how to use JavaScript. I am using event box on map as enemy. I want to trigger an event when the enemy HP is zero. For example, I would like to change the image of an enemy when it reaches HP =0. I'm using Cv2_deathcommononevent plugin, which deals...
  7. Incorrect screen size of the MV RPG project on iPhone XR / XS / iPad Pro 11 "

    Hello everyone, I need help. I was able to export my test project from Rpg Maker MV via Cordova and xCode for iOS. The resolution of the RPG Maker MV project is 1920x1080. When I export no problems, it works perfectly and the screen measurements are almost correct on all iPhones and iPads...
  8. CalebW

    Caleb's Sprites & Battle Animations

    Hey RPG Maker's, I have been practicing creating sprites as I'm in creation of my own game currently. I noticed... there just wasn't enough monster sprites for 4 - way animations. Now there are a few amazing creators that have them, however, I wanted to offer some to the community as well...
  9. BlueMage

    Global search for a function?

    Hi there, i want to ask if there is any way (through console?) to do a Global search for something. Like a function to see which plugins has defined it?
  10. CalebW

    [Solved]Missing Tiles?? Or layer issue??

    I built this map: The passage works like if the chairs are there, so I can't walk behind where the chair would be. It's baffling me what is wrong. Solved Edit* To anyone new a 1500x1500 canvas wont read properly in the MV editor. I did not know this.
  11. More Keys - For tests

    Download: https://github.com/BossRpg/keys_module Language: English/Portugues Version: 0.1 - BETA License: Not yet defined why it is being tested. There are three types of events for conditions with keyboard buttons: js_keyDown When you press the key, if holding the command will not repeat...
  12. Player can't move after adding new party member

    I added a new member to the party and then automatically... the characters moved right on their own without me putting such a thing. When they did, they stopped moving because they hit a wall, I guess. There's a self-switch for a blank second page set in action button to avoid the event...
  13. Need help with Octopack Battler Plugin

    I figured it out
  14. Tohru

    Playtest loading screen freezes after changing font

    Hello. I'm trying to run my game but it stops on the loading screen. I definitely think it's because I've tried to change the game font. I watched a tutorial on how to do it and did everything they said but it doesn't work. I have the trial version downloaded from their site and a thing I...
  15. Retro text Font + Instructions

    Images: PixelMplus10-Regular.png PixelMplus12-Regular.png Credits: itouhiroはてなブログ (http://itouhiro.hatenablog.com/entry/20130602/font) Download: https://github.com/nanoeru/fondot/tree/master/PixelMplus-20130602 PixelMplus10-Bold.ttf PixelMplus10-Regular.ttf PixelMplus12-Bold.ttf...
  16. something i really want to make

    So i've been thinking about the current system i have in place for looting containers like bookshelves etc, usually its something similar to this. the common event is simply a search timer. here's what it comes out looking like, the thing i would perfer though, would be a window where i could...
  17. VeryXInh

    [MV] How to check which files being cached?

    Hi there, I want to know if there is a way to check for which files being cached? (we have preload manager plugin, so i think we can check for what has been preloaded / being cached right?)
  18. Skills help

    So, I have a problem. It's like this, there is one slot (0017) which won't go away from any character. It doesn't have anything on it and it's not set to any class but it still shows up on every character. Hopefully, the pictures help understand what I mean (One has the class in the pic) Is...
  19. How to add scenes RPGMV

    So I recently got Rpg Maker Gene Scene Builder and I made my own scene so now I'm trying to figure out how to add it into an event so can someone explain how to do it.
  20. Nekohime1989

    Tall RP Conversion Requested (5 Actors)

    I used to character generator to create the 5 actors of my horror game. But I'm not a fan of the chibi art style. I need the following 5 actors images converted to the tall rp style (48x92, Mack Style) The characters are as follows: Teacher (androgynous) Female Nurse Male Detective Female DJ...

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