1. opaattack

    State Interactions?

    I want to make a state that improves the effectiveness of the guard ability. Is it possible to make the guard state more increase defense more if active while affected this other state?
  2. Yugo_Salkins

    Fixing Stat overlap in Actor Window during combat

    Hello, I am having trouble with my game in regards of stats during combat. The notice that the MP and TP bars are overlapping the HP bar. I was wondering which script I would need to look at to fix this problem. My game is currently using the Yanfly Ace Core and the Yanfly Battle Engine so I...
  3. [ACE] YEA System Options + Fullscreen [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone, So i use the addon of Oscar92player from the yanfly options script that i found here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/vx-ace-toggle-fullscren-option.70147/#post-666208 The addon: I wanted to know if it was possible to replace the fullscreen options (so the F5...
  4. Yeaster

    Looking for a gun and camcorder character set?

    This is for RPG Maker VX Ace. Does such things exist? I've googled but can't find anything. If someone is good at spriting objects, will they be so kind as to make them for me? I will appreciate you until the end of time and you'll be credited, of course.
  5. Unable to Install RTP Due to Admin Rights

    Hello, I bought this program (RPMVXA) on Steam and when I try to open it asked me to install the RTP. When I went to Install it I was unable to because I do not have Admin Rights on my PC. Is there any way I can get around this with a pre-installed RTP folder? I really want to use this platform...
  6. How to give one item a day?

    Hey I'm very new here so if I posted this is the wrong area, I apologize. I'm creating a little game using RPG Maker VX Ace and I came to a little issue. I want to give the bachelor/bachelorette an item to raise their affection. I know how to use variables and stuff like that so that...
  7. Karbonic

    Picture Problem

    I've been having a problem recently. I have certain events that show pictures on screen normally. They completely work when I test the game and show the image when it's supposed to appear. However, when the game is exported, these pictures do not appear at all! I'm wondering how this...
  8. Lyseth

    RPGMVXA: easy balancing tutorial

    Hello, I'm here with my first tutorial, a simple balancing tutorial, now I'll be sharing how I balance out my game projects, we'll be going over, enemies, armor/weapons, cash income rewards, skills, and bosses. Enemies: As we all know, monsters and bandits are basically the...
  9. Karbonic

    How to make town reject vehicle?

    Okay, So I was wondering if it is at all possible to make a transfer event reject the player if they are in a vehicle. I need this because I have had my car enter some towns with some strange consequences. Is there a way to force the player to exit the vehicle before they can enter a town?
  10. Help with Yami Guardian Series

    So I have the Yami Guardian Basic, Menu and summon scripts installed but the skill remains grayed out. The menu option appears on my command list but its also greyed out.All the note tags needed are in place so im not sure why its not working. I tested it in a game with Luna (my main) and...
  11. Unimportant Character sprite request

    I'm looking for some useless character sprites I'll be sure to credit you if I use it. Thx m80's
  12. The Drake

    2 Request (Bi-cycle System and Game Time)

    Note:- REQUESTS (2) One for a bi-cycling system or script and a Character with a basic cycle template.. Like one in RPG MAKER XP(Pokemon DarkFlame), But for RPG MAKER VX ACE And Need the correct script line to check what day is it in this script:- http://pastebin.com/UKA0n75g To check...
  13. IdarG

    Window Transparency

    Hello, forum :D I'm wondering if there is any way to turn the window transparency in rpg maker vx ace off ... Because I want my windowskin to be completely black.
  14. CharcoalKidd

    Skill Template?

    I'm not sure if this would fall under Ace support or RGSS3 support, but I'll try it here. Say I wanted to make a more complicated skill. In this case let's say it has to do with doing more damage depending on the number of states afflicted. If the skill was too long for the formula box, you'd...
  15. icerose05

    Picture Sliding Puzzle

    I'm trying out a picture sliding puzzle, and for those of you that don't know what his is, you have a series of tiles mixed up on the ground, and you only have one space free to move the tiles, and you have to put the tiles together to create a picture. I've been trying to figure it out myself...
  16. carolinele

    Combo attacks and relationship levels?

    Hello all! I have a problem that I just can't seem to solve. In the game I'm making, I want a simple point-based relationship system (much like the Social Link system in the Persona series, if you're familiar with that). Every time you do something, like talk to the person, you get points that...
  17. GlitchyPSIX

    Name Input - Custom Font Glirch

    Problem: There is a font glitch in the Name Input window. Cause: Switching the default font (VL Gothic) to Roboto Condensed (License included, I'm no stealer.) What happens?: After changing the font, the name input looks like with all letters from the font being like, sticked. no spaces...
  18. GlitchyPSIX

    Mother 3 Timed Hit Combo (And battle engage)

    Well, i think every Mother 3 player knows what I'm searching for.  If you're not one, then I'm searching for something similar to... this: The script I use are: Yanfly's Core  Yanfly's Message System  Yanfly's Battle System  Yanfly's State Animations  Yanfly's Skill Weapon Replace  Yanfly's...
  19. Wolf Recolour Request

    I need three recolours of the wolf on this sheet. I don't really need them all done at once, but it'd be nice. In my project, the main character's family all have pet wolves, and the player will need a way to differentiate. I need one wolf to be dark brown, another one to be white, and the last...
  20. jaggernaut25

    Any tips for mapping a modern outdoor setting?

    I have the official modern tile pack and it's chock full of great stuff. Mapping indoors comes fairly easily to me (I think) and outdoors in fantasy or non-modern settings isn't much of an issue either. As funny as it seems, I am just seriously struggling with mapping modern outdoor areas...

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