1. Fernyfer775

    Falcao's MMORPG Alchemy trouble

    I ran into an issue where if the player isn't high enough level to learn the recipe, the recipe item is still consumed. Does anybody know if there is a way to fix this? The link to the script download site is in the 1st spoiler, and the 2nd spoiler contains the script itself. ">
  2. Fernyfer775

    Enemy Levels + Class Trouble

    Hello! So, I was using a previous version of the Hime's Enemy Class script and it worked flawlessly with Yanfly's Enemy level script, but after updating the class script to the most recent one, I get this error: If I don't give an enemy a class, the above error occurs, whereas it didn't...
  3. Puxido

    Making ores- I need help- event help

    Im trying to make my first game, so I decided to add ores.  I made an event where the player can mine amathyst out of amythyst ore, the only problem is that they could spam it. How do i make an event where you cannot repeat the event for say 30 minutes, (the time really doesnt matter, and I...
  4. Ninjaroy

    [RPGMVXAce] Changing Menu Selection Graphic

    Hello there. I was wondering if there was any way to change the graphic of the menu selection. I mean the fading box that appears above what you are hovering over in the title screen. Thanks! 

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