1. Demonicplant

    [RPG Maker XP] Script that makes battle information look better?

    I've always hated the way that the battle system looks in rpg maker XP. The transparent character with text over it not only looks horrible but is hard to read. Does anyone know any battle scripts that doesn't change it drastically but improves it? Perhaps something that looks like Lisa the...
  2. xChikyx

    Script that reads when a player is facing a wall

    Hi! I'm currently working on a project using RPG Maker XP in a pretty complicated way. Anyway, I'm trying to create a global event that reads when the player is facing a wall. Is thre anything out there that already does so? So far the only idea I have is to make a HUGE series of conditional...
  3. Andrea87Sky

    FREE DELTATALE - A Deltarune fangame on RPG Maker XP

    (Sorry for bad english, :p) (Please don't say that MV or VX have already an Undertale system, I know, thanks.) Engine: RPG Maker XP Synopsis: A fan-sequel/game of Deltarune, a game by Toby Fox. DELTATALE is a game with an engine made from zero using RPG Maker XP and Ruby systems. The battle...
  4. ThiagusTV

    RMXP The Dog's Laughing - Horror Game (Coming soon)

    Good evening everyone! I wanted to talk about a horror project that I'm creating. The name is The Devil's Laugh or The Dog's Laughing! SYNOPSIS First I have to say that I'm having some "disagreements" in the story. You're Nathan! Nathan suffered an accident and spent a long time in a coma in...
  5. prince of mars

    (RPGMXP) melee attack which hurts more than one foe if a certain weapon is equipped

    I am working on a fps rpg I would like it if I equip a shotgun it will hurt more than one enemy when I attack but I would go back to attacking just one foe if I equip a pistol  thanks in advance :)
  6. Tiamat5774

    Character Swap, not Party swap event or simple script

    Hi, First let me start off by saying, if you are a scripter, you are smarter than I.  I'm not very good with scripts so I'm hoping for something simple script wise or step by step instructions on how to event this. Picture if you will: Player is in control of a lone character.  That character...
  7. Need Spriteset

    Hi, I'm new here but I'm currently in the midst of making a EverymanHybrid fangame and it would be a great help if somebody could help me with the spriteset for HABIT. here's a picture for reference and he wears like black pants and has a knife, like a rambo knife. im not sure if im asking...

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