1. Sandwalker

    RMMZ Looking for Help: Collission Charakter Sprite (144x144px)

    Hello everybody. It would be awesome, if someone could help me. I would like to have 3 different types of Sprites for my Character (96x96 / Child, 144x96/Adult / 144x144 for Creatures). While i was Parallax Mapping and testing the Map, i found some Issues. I) the Follower are to close II) the...
  2. RMMZ Slot Machine plugin?

    I know there was a Slot Machine Plugin for RPGMV, but I can't find anything for RPGMZ. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone knows something about it? You could save my life, because I'm trying to make a Casino in my game and I need some slots. I even tried programming a...
  3. Hunor

    Can you use RPG MV resources and music with RPG MZ for commercial and non-commercial project?

    Checking just in case. Can you use RPG MV resources and music with RPG MZ for commercial and non-commercial project? For example; can I use all of the DLC music and other resources that I bought from steam for RPG MV with RPG MZ instead, for either commercial or non-commercial projects?
  4. Zortik

    Skills that cost a percentage of MP and influences damage/recovery.

    My searches on the forum (and general web) were fruitless and I'm hoping that a member of the community can help me find an existing answer or help out with figuring out a solution. What I'm trying to ask is whether or not there is a method of using the Damage Formula section within RPGMZ's...
  5. RMMZ Area of Effect Skills

    Hello again! I'm not too familiar with *porting* plug-ins from MV to MZ but, have one I would absolutely love to still use. I use Battle Core VisuStella MZ and was a fan of Yanfly's original plug-ins from MV and even before. For MV, they had a sort of "Area of Effect" skill parameter that...
  6. RMMZ Action Button Text like in other RPGs

    Hey, guys! I'm not sure if there's already a simple plugin for this or even a manual way to do in-game but, I'm basically looking for just a small text pop-up option? A way to make it so when a character is near a door, a chest, any item, there's a text that just says "Check" or "open" while in...
  7. wrigty12

    RMMZ SideView Skill - summon a "substitute"/"meat shield" character

    I had this idea for an Actor Skill that summons a separate "actor" in front of the user, and that character acts like a Substitute from Pokemon (becomes the target instead of it's summoner) or act like a "meat shield", as gruesome of a term that is. Specifically, I was thinking of a sorcerer...
  8. Mooshry

    RMMZ No Icons?

    So my MZ game doesn't use icons and has pretty long item names like "SPELL POWER EMITTER" which with the 624 x 624 resolution, appear horribly squished in the shop and equip menus. I'm guessing it's because of the empty space where an icon should be (or the name is just way too long), which ends...
  9. wrigty12

    [MZ] Outside_A2 - Diagonal Wood Fence

    I created this for my game in order to make fenced areas look better and not square. To be used in conjunction with the autotile fence. Credits & Terms of Usage Free for commercial and non-commercial use. You must have legally owned an 'RPG Maker MZ' license. Credit Kadokawa
  10. nathanlink169

    RMMZ Opacity of Text and Images

    Hi all, I have the following bit of code which is present in an Update method for a Window: this._currentCharacterData = this._characterQueue.shift(); const x = 40; const y = 58; this.drawCharacter(this._currentCharacterData.name, this._currentCharacterData.index, x, y)...
  11. RPG MZ Item Reinforce Plugin Support

    Hello, just got MZ and I'm already encountering a problem with one of their base plugins! Their Item Reinforce Plugin which is essentially their crafting system is the only plugin i have installed (and I have tried using it with other ones as well) but when i go into the menu to click the option...
  12. nathanlink169

    RMMZ Back button in new Window_Base

    Hi all, I'm working through the new MZ codebase, and I figured I'd start from the beginning this time rather than trying to cobble together the advanced stuff first (which I probably should have done from the start when working with MV. Oops). I've made a new class which inherits from...
  13. Acer2020

    RMMZ Common Event Buttons (Or Similar)

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I have a plugin request to make for RMMZ. My game has a system that allows the player to interact with objects and NPCs when approaching them. To complete this system, I need to be able to assign common events to keyboard keys...
  14. Leokids

    When the RPG Maker MV Be Moved to the Previous Version forums?

    Since MZ Is Comming. I Thought about Something. When the RPG Maker MV Be Moved to the Previous Version Forums?

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