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  1. Desperado

    Is it Possible to make Skill Scope Target Units with a Certain State?

    Hey All, Looking for a way to alter the scope of a skill to check for enemies/actors with a certain state? I've gotten really close to what I want, but I need a way to check for this before the skill occurs. Through web searching I found a way to do it after the skill has been executed through...
  2. MakoBatt

    Help in Marta Script (Dungeon Crawling) for VXACE

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the RPGMaker community and decided to come here to ask some help. Is anyone familiar with the MGC's FPLE/Marta Script for RPGMVXA? It's one that can make for your game a First-Person Labyrinth Explorer map(for anyone interested...
  3. Menu board

    Hello guys,i want to know if there are any scripts can use to change the menu board in the middle game? For example : I will use mogeko castle as a example This is when the menu board in the beginning of game(first picture) and it change in the middle game(second picture)
  4. mucka33

    Yanfly Sideview NoMethodError

    Hi all. I have a frustrating glitch occurring with Yanfly's Sideview (Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.01) script. In battle, the characters step forward to attack, and then step back into place when their attack is done. However, every once in a while (seems to happen only when I have 4...
  5. Game_Event Error after scripts

    Help, I installed Himeworks Global Common Events Script, "http://himeworks.com/2013/04/global-common-events/" and after removing it, I'm encountering an error with the line 306 of my Game_Event Script which is unchanged and pretty much identical to any new game. I absolutely cannot figure out...
  6. mason_7

    Issues with a custom weather script

    Hello! I am rather new with scripting, and I'm having some problems with a script I pulled online, I'll link the script bellow. Link: https://rpgscripts.blogspot.com/2012/08/weather-effect.html I keep getting the following error whenever I try to call for a weather effect...
  7. telesamin

    i cant get my RPGVXACE file to download properly

    so i downloaded RPG VXAce RTP to play a game i bought and well for some reason when i extracted the files and ran the setup my game file always becomes a camera file what is it supposed to be originally? I've been trying to find out information for a bit and I'm not finding answers sorry to be a...
  8. minnieramen

    Need Help: Changing the ENTIRE font colour of the game...?

    Hello and hi. So I wanted to change the window skin of the game to completely white. Not that grayish white. I accomplished that by changing the opacity to 255 in window_base (screenshot #1 below). And so, now I want to make the font black with white outlines (optional though). I installed...
  9. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Ghost followers

    Greetings, fellow bipeds. I hope I have the right forum. If not, please excuse me; I'm new here. I think I have the right one. I also tried looking for this in the forums before posting, but I couldn't find anything along the lines I was wanting. Do any of you remember the NES Dragon Warrior II...
  10. Darkmatterhudokai

    FREE Looking For Artists For 2D Sci-Fi Action RPG Hudokai.

    Engine - RPG Maker VX Ace Synopsis - Join Nova and his crew as they explore the many planets of the 3 galaxys while trying to prevent the Evil Cult Of Kai from gaining the unimaginable power of condensed dark matter - Hudokai. Gamplay Feature . * Tales of Battle system * Tactics Space Battle *...
  11. Greygoose

    [RMVX+] XP-Styled Star Trek Charsets [WIP]

    The sprites will be posted on my DeviantArt page. There's loads of completed sprites there and more to come: https://greygoosespriteworks.deviantart.com/ Hey everyone. I would like to show you some previews of some Star Trek sprites I am working on. I am doing sprites of the different series. I...
  12. KzGaming

    Loading screen before enter game.

    I need an script for RPGMaker VXAce, about loading screen before it enter the games or enter the maps or load an save file. *Note: I don't good about ruby script.
  13. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Tutorial help-tutorial from choosing it from the menu?

    Ooooook... I have two new menu options in game, Crafting and Gems, I was wondering if there's a way to have a tutorial appear if they were selected from the menu... Alternatively, is there a way to disable their use until I activate them via a tutorial? I know there are script calls, but I...
  14. The Mighty Palm

    Victor Sfonts as Default font?

    So an issue I constantly seem to have while using this very useful script, is that there are a bunch of other scripts out there that insist on using the "default" font instead of my bitmap font. This is jarring, and ugly and I wanna fix it. So what I want to ask is: Is there a way to set...
  15. IndigoAir

    Heart, Star & Music Note Icons

    Hello :) I'm looking for a handful of icons to give a bit more expression to the dialogue in my current WIP. I got the idea from one of my favourite games, Riviera: The Promised Land. I tried to do some edits myself before but I couldn't get the colours to blend nicely and they look really out...
  16. JamesRyan

    RMVXA Yggdrasil Chronicles: A Tale of Cindrivia

    Ryan Entertainment This is our first project about a turn-based RPG game and the second project using RPG Maker VX Ace. Despite of lacking experience, we have tried our best to make this, to test our skills and to enjoy our passion in game development. Your supports are the motivation for us to...
  17. Problem with Khas Lighting Effect and Core Ace Engine

    Hello, I've been struggling with this problem for a while.. Since I installed Core Ace Engine, the window resized, but that's not the problem.The problem is that since the window size changed the khas script's light's ubication changed too. I've tried to change the sizes in the script, but...
  18. Shin Kitsune

    Super Dante/RPGツクール2 Remastered Music?

    Hello everyone! I am looking for these music packs. I think they came as a pre-order bonus for VX Ace. Since I didn't really own Ace until a year ago (back in 2011 when Ace just came out I was unable to buy anything online), I obviously missed these. I didn't know of the re-mastered music packs...
  19. Tigersong

    Bigger cat, please?

    If someone could help me out, that would be great. I'm on the prowl for a larger-than-default cat sprite. You see, it would be very helpful if I had a way of showing which characters are young'uns and which are adults. Thanks in advance. No particular color is necessary; I'll be recoloring it...
  20. AceOfAces_Mod

    Using Yanfly's Event Player Chase

    So I wanted to use this script: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/event-chase-player/ The idea that I had that led me to use this script goes like this: 1. The player is in a dungenon, and he must escape from there without triggering an alarm. 2. All guards are patroling...

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