1. FighterBlade

    Earthbound Style Graphics (CANCELLED 4EVER)

    I'm making a game like earthbound, and I made these. (Also, I used a base by MortMort, none of these are stolen or anything.) I'll be posting new stuff as soon as I make it. (The base only has the front stand animation. So I have to make my own.)...
  2. stulee1


    Help this is my first post sorry if in wrong section i do apologise in advance ive used vx for years on and off and only just starting to delve into scripting a little ive managed to change the txt colour throughout to the desired colour which is 02 - light orange all other text has changed...
  3. Leokids

    Child to Adult Workshop: VX/VX Ace Edition

    The Workshop Will Transform Your Kid Character Sprite to a Older Kid Sprite Always known as a Adult sprite. Go! Do Remmember That it Always Use The Character Generator Except for Some Circumentences.
  4. T_TJoker

    common event call in Menu

    Hi, not sure if any one can help me, but im looking for a script for rpgvx that allows players to call a common event through the Menu. looking forward working with you
  5. Isabella Ava

    Team or Single Person?

    Hello, it's kinda boring to make a game by yourself, alone. But i couldn't find someone fit me to make a game together. I guess the only chance to find perfect team for me that after i become a famous game developer but not now, a developer without any released game yet. So what about you? Do...
  6. Shin Kitsune

    Redeeming RPGVX on Steam

    I just saw the trailer this morning on YouTube. I had bought RPG Maker VX via the RMW store during a sale. My question is, is there a way to redeem it on Steam? I tried entering the serial I used in the standalone version, but Steam doesn't recognize it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Shin Kitsune

    Any way to change Parallax backgounds?

    So I had got to finally get RPG Maker VX "not-Ace" a few months ago, and finally got to start fiddling with it a few days ago. I'm trying to backport a demo I made with VX Ace just for fun, I guess. But I have realized it lacks certain functions I used in Ace. One of them is changing...
  8. Doraemon - Nobita and the Four Feline Fiends: Artists, Designers, Writers, Mappers wanted!

    Foreword:   Doraemon is a manga from 1969 by the late Fujiko F. Fujio, which involves a cat robot from the 22nd century riding a time machine to the "present time" to make sure Nobita, a grade schooler, winds up with a better future. Not being the most competent model himself, the future...
  9. Erangot

    [VX] Pick-Up Script and Event Cloning

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone would help me out regarding the scripts I use for this game I'm developing. For my farming system I am using Sinmora's Gift & Pickup Script and FlipelyFlip's/Kread-Ex's Cloning Script which I will post later at the bottom (since I can't find the original links...
  10. jasminedragon

    NPC chase and then "Game Over"

    Hello! I'm terribly sorry if this has been posted before, but I have just joined and am having trouble getting a feel for the place. I am trying to create an event where a girl walks out of a house, is approached by an enemy npc, the girl steps back a few steps, runs, and the npc chases her...
  11. mylafter

    Kinda like caterpillar script

    Is there a script that makes an NPC follow you wherever you go? I know that there's a catipillar script but I'm searching for something more specific. The catipillar script doesn't allow you to talk or interact with the NPC that's following you. I want to be able to talk to whoever is...
  12. mylafter

    NMS and ATS Script Help

    I really like how ATS script has more than 4 choices. I would use ATSscript instead of NMS(which I'm currently using). But If I did that, I'll have to go over every text in my game and rewrite them. And I don't want to do that. (Sorry for bad grammar) So if possible, I'd like to have modern...
  13. Flamemaps!

    Hi I'm new here, and I thought, I'm starting with a small gift. With Flamemaps! What are Flamemaps? Flamemaps are images that you can put on maps and then sees it so like burning the map (<-- sorry google translated. I'm from german :D  ) Screenshots...
  14. SoulPour777

    [XP/ VX / VXA] New Game + Script

    [VX] New Game + Script Author: SoulPour777 Introduction This is regarding a request or a topic about a new game + found here. I decided to make a snippet / script for this specific topic. Features Creates an Alternate New Game for your game. Activates two or more different starting points...

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