1. [VXACE] Respawning enemies for Action Battle System

    Hello. I am using Sapphire ABS, which is the best fitting for my game, from all action battle systems available. I love it's features, though it comes with kind of limited options in terms of loot or respawning events. I've managed to create my own event based loot system, but respawning events...
  2. Leokids

    Child to Adult Workshop: VX/VX Ace Edition

    The Workshop Will Transform Your Kid Character Sprite to a Older Kid Sprite Always known as a Adult sprite. Go! Do Remmember That it Always Use The Character Generator Except for Some Circumentences.
  3. minonna

    how does CC_PMS_VXA_v4.1 work?

    i've recently downloaded this script, but i cant find any tutorials on how to use it can someone help me figure things out? ^^"
  4. BlueMage

    display Theo-NotificationWindow in Battle?

    Hi guys, i tried to modify Theo's script here: https://github.com/theoallen/RGSS3/blob/master/Notification Window (ENG).rb to display Notification Window (NW) in Battle too. I added these code at the end of script, but NW will display only once in the Battle. It won't be displayed again after...
  5. BlueMage

    Get skill's target and user name?

    Hi guys. What is the script snippet to get target's name & user's name, assume that i will run it from a Common Event which has been assigned for skillX
  6. BlueMage

    misplace map sprites after switch Scene?

    Hi guys, I was testing this doodad editor here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/doodadss-editor-embellish-your-maps-with-this-editor-compatible-with-rpg-maker-xp-vx-and-ace.101006/ While it's working great, there is a weird problem (i tested it on new project with no add-on...
  7. BlueMage

    Bug if Input too fast

    Hi guys, please help! >.< This bug really blown up my head. Normally it doesn't seem to be a big problem. But due to i am using Falcao Lite Interaction System, which you can freely jump around and, you can block player from jumping over st with a region/ a tiletag... The problem is, if player...
  8. BlueMage

    What does .new mean?

    Hi guys, I want to ask does it mean to create a new object if we run: abc = abc.new(1,2) But then, for example that i need object abc to insert into: tint_start(abc) how can i straightly write something like: tint_start({1,2}) instead of using .new key
  9. BlueMage

    check if a window is opening?

    Hi guys, I want to ask for a way to check if a window is opening (on Map scene) for example to check whether Key Item window is opening or not? Thanks = D
  10. BlueMage

    Double press check?

    Hi guys, assume that it's in a Battle and i want to check if player double press a button. How can i do it with .. a script snippet perhaps? Thank you =D
  11. BlueMage

    Check state's turn left?

    Hi, how can i check how many turn is left for a state on enemy in Battle? (by script call) =D please help
  12. BlueMage

    How to access Sprite_Battler local var?

    Hi everyone. I want to access/modify Sprite_Battler's local var via script call while in battle scene. for example in this code: class Sprite_Battler < Sprite_Base def setup_initial_motion return if @motion_initial != nil @motion_initial = true @collapse_done = false...
  13. VeryXInh

    [ACE] Why can't i straightly delete actor's weapon?

    Hi there, I wonder why, since actors' equips is an array only? Why can't i remove for example, actor 1 weapon just like this: $game_actors[1].equips[0] = 0 or $game_actors[1].equips[0] = nil i see in game_player script, they discard weapon like this: @equips[slot_id].object = nil if slot_id...
  14. it2ly

    Want to make a person walk in

    In rpg maker vx ace. How do I make it so after a conversation has ended, a person from a different event walks in like for example I have an event just placed outside of the door and its on auto run to play a bunch of dialogue after the dialogue is over..I want a girl to walk in through a...
  15. Isabella Ava

    Load multiple images but only 1 show up?

    #RPGVXACE Hi guys, I really need some help, i tried to modify these code to load multiple images at once but only the first one will show up. I cannot figure what else to do I modified create_picture section to push many arguments into create list...
  16. Isabella Ava

    Set default scale ratio for game?

    Hi everyone, Thanks to @blackmorning84 we have her script here: https://bmscripts.weebly.com/bm-base.html allow player to resize VxAce game window (YAY) °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° I want to set a default scale ratio for game Windows (or perhaps do it with a Switch?) Can someone give me an advice? Thank you...
  17. A-Moonless-Night

    Random Name Generator script

    Random Name Generator by AMoonlessNight 12 May 2018 This script makes it so that actors can have a randomly generated name. You can also set it so that only certain actors have randomly generated names. Compatibility: Can't see it not working with anything, but let me know. Terms of Use: Free...
  18. A-Moonless-Night

    Push, Bridge and Jump Events

    Push, Bridge and Jump Events by AMoonlessNight 14 Apr 2018 This script makes it so that you can push certain events and use them as bridges, or even hop between them. It works best with events with multiple parts, such as pillars. You must set up regions for where the bridges should go, or...
  19. Isabella Ava

    Awesome resources site for VX/VXAce user

    Hey i just happen to found this website: <--snip--> <see post below> The creator was a famous one name Kohzuki, well i think many people used his work before. Now you can support him in order to get access to his work It's really cheap only $1 per month. I think i should spread it here so many...
  20. A-Moonless-Night

    Push/Pull Puzzle Tutorial

    Push/Pull Puzzle Tutorial By A-Moonless-Night Difficulty: Medium (this tutorial uses script calls) The purpose of this tutorial is to make a boulder that we can push and pull. There are far easier methods, but the mechanics of those are a little clunky, I feel, and I wanted to make a version...

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