1. rpgmaker20221

    Execute common events directly when called in a method?

    .... @menu1.set_handler(:task, method(:command_task)) @menu1.set_handler(:folmagi, method(:command_folmagi)) @menu1.set_handler(:folbruti, method(:command_folbruti)) @menu1.set_handler(:cancel, method(:return_scene)) end def freezefix @menu1.active = true end...
  2. Seriously I need Help ASAP

    Introduction My name is Thomas and one of my important 2016 resolutions is to create my dream 2D game. However, I stumbled upon various problems as I develop some personal preference on how the game should run. The major problem at the moment is the lack of knowledge in scripting and lack of...
  3. Kudaaj330

    Adjusting the Equipment and skill menus

    Hello there folks of the forums, I'm having a bit of an issue with adjusting the size of the equipment menu, and the skill menu. Currently I have a script which does this. http://imgur.com/1ePtJXAx allowing the MAIN menu to sit in the center of the screen like so. I would like for the...
  4. [ACE] Creating and returning skill notetag array data?

    So, I have managed to use text from skill notetags as data before (see below), using examples from scriptors. But this data has always been based on numerical digits and not arrays, and I'm not really experienced with or can comprehend enough of Regexp processes to figure this out myself...
  5. Nanaki_Fan

    Help turn Busts into Faces set

    Hello everyone, I have an odd request. I thought I could do it myself but my paint.net software doesnt seem to want to give me me the desired result. Basically I have some custom character busts that I paid to have made and well, I am that happy with them I have decided to change my...
  6. Kudaaj330

    XAS ABS Sprinting and attack causes animation to not work properly

    Hey there, Kudaaj here with a small dilemma at hand. So recently i received a new attack sprite that i've been pumped on implementing, well it works pretty darn good with one small exception.. Sprinting and attacking at the same time does not cause the sprite to appear like it should ALL...
  7. A Beautiful Heartache

    A BEAUTIFUL HEARTACHE   "What if one day, someone you love the most forgets about your existence instantly? What if one day that person will see you as a stranger again? What if one day you want to ask them about what happened yesterday, yet they can’t even remember a single thing? What...
  8. Open World Game volunteers needed!

    My friend and I are currently in the process of making an open world game. It is quite a big project so we need some help. We are currently in early development and have 0$ so we need some volunteers. What we need most is -Co- Ruby Coder (My friend has some ruby experience but has very...
  9. Sedna

    FREE OUTBREAK Apocalypse Game (Telltale - State of Decay Style) RECRUITMENT

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working with a smalll team on a RPG VX Ace game called "Outbreak Chronicles", mostly inspired of Telltale's The Walking Dead, State of Decay and Day Z. The story will follow two different characters through 10 chapters. If some of you are interested in working...
  10. Darkbeetlebot

    [VX Ace] Making DEF and MDEF work as damage resist percentage

    This is going to be a rather simple, minor tutorial on how to make your DEF and MDEF stats (whatever you call them in your game) act as a percentile to damage resistance rather than a classic flat subtraction to damage dealt. Something similar to this was done in Dark Souls 2 with the elemental...
  11. Shin Kitsune

    [VX Ace]Looking for Hospital and Modern building themed tilesets

    Hello everyone! I am looking for any good looking tilesets as well as a few charsets for VX Ace. I would prefer them to be freeware resources, but if it's a paid content I would still be ok with it, even though it would take a while for me to get it due to my limited budget atm. The tilesets...
  12. mayorswaim

    Character sprite request (References included)

    Hi! I need two sprites for some of my characters. Preferably in the default vxace sprite format. Thanks!
  13. Miss Nile

    [CLOSEDt] Miss Nile's Editor Mapping Workshop

      UPDATE:  The workshop is now closed! Please look out for my shop in the classifieds very soon. :)     Hello everyone. :)   Introduction:   First off, please let me introduce myself. I am Miss Nile, and some of you might have already seen me posting around recently. ^^ Although I only...
  14. AE Settings for movie in RPG VX ACE

    I want to make a movie in Rpgvx ace and yes, I made one. Made it in after effects and converted to ogg. But when played its not in fullscreen. I know that the game could be set in fullscreen, but I don't want the game to be expanded/wide.  Currently using a script for the fullscreen...
  15. UltimateFanBoy

    Displaying map names when revealed to the player.

    So I plan on redoing my original game, Exodus. I want to try this out:  Enter a city/town/dungeon/etc. and have the displayed name, "???" Talk to somebody and have them reveal the name. once it's been shown, it activates something (nothing specific because I don't know how to do this on my own...
  16. Game crashes and I don't know why

    Hi there, I have been working on my game for a long while now and I am literally *this* close to finsihing it. However I have come to a somewhat unknown problem. When I was playtesting I got a sudden recurrent error which says ERROR: game_switch line 19: false can't be converted into an...
  17. Open source project

    Hi guys,  I don't know if this is allowed so appologies if not. Does anyone have a completed or nearly completed project they'd be prepared to allow me to use and modify to make my own game. The game isn't for commercial use it's simply to allow me a chance to work my way around the software...
  18. Using BGM instead of ME for Battle End Music

    I'm new here, but I've been using RPG Maker for the past few days and picked up on it fairly quickly. But I seem to have run into a wall. What I want to do is have a looping "Battle End" theme, but unfortunately, MEs don't seem to loop. Is there any way to use a BGM instead?
  19. KanaX

    Khas Awesome Light Effects Issue

    I want to use the following script call To load a specific save file. The problem is that I get the following message: Any ideas?
  20. KanaX

    Tinting Screen Time Frames Issue.

    I'm sure this has been asked around a lot (and I have tried searching for an appropriate solution), but is there a way to deal with the problem where the player transitions from a bright to a dark map and there is a slight frame where the tint was like before? I have the tint in a parallel...

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