1. Silent Darkness

    Some RTP face emotions

    Does anyone know where I could get emotion sets for some of the faces in the RTP? Specifically, i'm looking for the following: Actor01, Second face across in the first row, going from left to right. Actor01, First face across in the second row, going from left to right. Actor05, last face...
  2. Silent Darkness

    Dark Fantasy Tileset

    I would like to request a dark fantasy tileset. Mostly frozen dark castle interior. Frozen everything. Ground, walls, statues, covered with ice. Pedestals lit up with dark, unholy fire, as animations, I suppose. Tiles that could be used to simulate a big hole in the ground. Also, blood smeared...
  3. Mystical - NEW

    This game consists of Evil meets Good. This is my first ever RPG maker game and it's not that bad. Any ways, The game has a few quests, towns and shops.And I will slowly add parts of the story to the game but for now I have only started to add the maps and stuff.But the story goes like this...
  4. NEED edits to these faces and this character sprite. NECESSARY for game completion.

    This is for a commercial game! If you do not want these to be sold as a part of my game, please do not respond! I need these two faces of this character edited to make her look like a cyborg. Specifically, her right eye should be a piece of metal with a small blue light in the middle, and her...
  5. Class that heals when attacked

    Hi, I don't think this has been asked yet, but I apologise if it has. I'm kinda new to this. I want to create a class that heals when attacked by a certain element (fire in this case). I've tried various things (states, items, weapons ect.), but I want it not to be a skill that has to be...
  6. eliwolfe92

    Arc Engine Tweaks for Jak and Daxter

    Gameplay Here on TwitchTV Hello everyone! I recently started development of a Jak and Daxter platformer using the Arc Engine script for RPG Maker VX Ace. I love the script and all it can do, though I'm wondering if certain things such as "Double-Jump, Guns, & Punching / Swinging Attacks" are...
  7. eliwolfe92

    Troublesome Sprite Sheet :/

    I'm having trouble with a sprite sheet someone made for me. It appears far too large in game (RPGVXAce) and I didn't want to degrade it by re-sizing it. Can anyone tell me how to best go about finding the right size for it? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  8. TheBrogrammer

    Getting rid of a phrase in the battle log

    Hello, I'm wondering how to get rid of this message from the default VXACE battle system: "There was no effect on X!" (X being the name of the actor.) I get this message whenever I use a certain skill.  This skill is controlled by common events, and not by anything else in the battle tab of...
  9. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Falcao ABS error

    So I'm just trying out the different battle systems for fun. I found the Falcao's ABS and I quite liked it as you can cycle through your characters and have your party fight with you. Only problem is that while it works in the demo, which is cool, I decided to test it by moving all the bits...
  10. TheBrogrammer

    Pixeled Font Script (No Anti-Aliasing)

    Hello. Here is my script request for today. I want a script that cancels out the default anti-aliasing on fonts. If you don't know what I mean, let me show you: Would you rather have this: Or: Why do I want a script that can do this? To make games look retro! Retro is cool! I would also...
  11. TheBrogrammer

    Candy Store Tile Add-ons

    Hello all! My request is some small edits to make the VX Tileset look more like a candy store. I'll need: Barrels full of candy. Jars full of gumballs or jawbreakers. Lollipops. Recolored pink or purple walls. Feel free to add anything creative. Thanks! ;)

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