1. Shin Kitsune

    Looking for a specific ATB (Not Side View) battle script

    Hello! Hope I'm doing this in the right place. I am looking for certain script. I used to have it somewhere, but I don't seem to find it anymore. I've also been trying to Google the script, but no matter if I search for "RPG Maker XP", there's also VX scripts in the results. I don't remember...
  2. Help Required - Cutscene

    Hi, new to the forum scene. I am calling on you to help me create a basic kidnap Cutscene for RPG Maker XP. Many Thanks.
  3. Miss Nile

    [CLOSEDt] Miss Nile's Editor Mapping Workshop

      UPDATE:  The workshop is now closed! Please look out for my shop in the classifieds very soon. :)     Hello everyone. :)   Introduction:   First off, please let me introduce myself. I am Miss Nile, and some of you might have already seen me posting around recently. ^^ Although I only...
  4. cloakedranger

    Script call equivalents of Event commands?

    I just found this topic: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/6248-script-call-equivalent-of-events/ which shows script command equivalents of event commands. While this is perfect in one aspect, I also use XP and was wondering if anyone knew of a topic or list for XP for the same thing.
  5. Shelby

    Map Pic redo

    Hello, this is a map pic we have done for our very first commercial game "Kingdom RPG" for RPG maker XP. We are currently working on a large free content update for the game and one of the things we wanted to do was update this map pic to look more detailed. So its the size we need and is for...
  6. Forcing the game to use a different midi synth in RPGXP?

    So RPGXP only uses the default windows midi synth to play music and it's kind of annoying... Is there any way I can change it to at least use the default (As in, the one I've currently set to use) one?
  7. RPG Maker XP VALUE!+

    So after a loooooong time of being out of the RPG Maker scene I'm looking to return and work on a project.  Now since I last used an RPG Maker (A demo of VX a while back), I've been longing for the familiar UI of RPGXP, not to mention I can really get behind the mapping system.  It's the closest...
  8. Fixed turn order

    Hello. I've recently run into a problem and I'd like to ask for help. I'm working on a very small project with an extremely simple combat system, as I need complete control for most of the things that I have planned to work properly. I've already managed how to eliminate most random events, but...
  9. My own RPGXP Runtime on Android

    Firstly, sorry for poor english :) I have developed RPGXP Runtime (RGSS) on Android  as a hobby. The below video shows quite playable demo for "To the moon" created with RPG Maker XP. From now i'll fix some bugs and release the beta version on the market. Thanks. :)...
  10. EpicKitty88

    Rainbow Caves: Violet

    Attached is a picture of one of my Rainbow Caves. In Kitty's Quest, one of my RPGXP games, an anthro named Kitty travels to several different world the find the gems that will save her cats from being hunted by a pack of wolves called the Skylights. The land of the Rainbow Guardians is one of...

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