1. CreativeVulpine

    Battle Test not running

    RPG Maker MV 1.61 When I run a Battle test it displays this error Edit: it also displays in ingame battle.
  2. CreativeVulpine

    YanFly Region Restriction - Restrict multiple regions

    How do I restrict multiple regions to events. I want the event to not pass through regions 1 and 2, while only allowing the player to pass through region 2. I tried just added the region as shown, however it then cancels the restriction on region 1.
  3. MRD256

    [RPMV] Removing the MP Number from the Battle Screen

    I was wondering if there's a way, and how, to remove the MP number from the battle screen. In other words, keep it from being displayed. I'm using MV v1.5.1 and using Yanfly Core Engine v1.24 and Yanfly BattleStatusWindow v1.08.
  4. Aureus

    The Tavern - RPG/Visual Novel hybrid - now available on Steam

    Hello, fellow gamers! I'm happy to announce that in a couple of hours after writing this post The Tavern, an RPG-Visual Novel hybrid, is going to be available on Steam at a price of 4.99 USD! The game has a lot of text and is focused on plot and immersive dialogues. During the playthrough you...
  5. spitnik11

    [Solved]Prevent battle window from popping up

    I am attempting to prevent the player battle window and all of its functions from even popping up to have my battle sequence instead progressed by events only. User Joewoof has provided this simple script to be placed on turn 0 of the troop event line in an attempt to prevent the battle windows...
  6. orcomarcio

    Rotate bitmap

    Hi,  I need to rotate a bitmap and store the result (keeping the original intact). I tried to do what written in this topic http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/48225-how-to-rotate-bitmap/  but the image i want to rotate has the alpha and when the code redraws it after the rotation...
  7. PotionDose

    Weapon/Armor ranking system

    Evening everyone, I was hoping someone has created or is in the making of a plugin that ranks armor and weapons kind of like Borderlands. like, I can change create categories and change the color of the weapon in the inventory. Let me know, Thanks! :D Have a great day

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