1. Raexxar

    Bust Skill Menu and Status Menu

    Hello, does anybody know if there is bust skill menu and bust status menu? If not, can someone make it? I need it for my project and propably there are many others that need something similar too. If i would be good on javascript maybe i could make it but now if i would tried propably it would...
  2. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMV Darkened Corners (Lovecraft-lite, Search and Puzzle Game)

    While working on Storybook Hero, we have been bouncing around an idea for a different style of game. One of puzzles, search and find mechanics, and hopefully a little horror. Check out a little preview we put together ^_^. On a side note, what kind of elements would you all be looking for in...
  3. Tonedawg181

    Little Fix for Moghunter's MV Menu System Skills Screen XY SW Par Problem

    EDIT: Moghunter updated his skills screen with this fix, so if you download the newest version this will already be fixed, you could also do what I did though if you prefer. I'm not sure if every release of this script has this issue but I'm using the one that came with his Master_MV_18_3r zip...
  4. Saving Problem on Mac

    Hello! While having a friend demo my rpg maker mv game, they encounter an error when trying to leave the options screen, and they also can not save. This has only started happening recently, as I gave them a different demo a few months ago and this was never an issue. I'm aware that this is...
  5. Clarey

    RTP Edits

    I take requests/suggestions, just post them in the thread below and I'll take a stab at it at least or try to figure out how I would do a tile. Furniture Floors Walls Windows
  6. Clarey

    Issues opening RPG Maker MV via Steam

    My System: Windows 7 64-bit, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590, 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 So basically when I open steam (which is how I own my copy of MV), I go to the page for it and press Launch. It will act like it is loading and next to the program it will be listed as "Running"...

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