1. Vis_Mage

    RMMV [RSE] Runescribe

    Download: https://vis-mage.itch.io/runescribe Synopsis: The project was made for the Release Something Event (RSE), and was made within a month. I went into this with the goal to create a game that utilizes RPG Maker MV's mobile deployment feature, something that I was very excited about when...
  2. RMMV Motionless Chaos Demo [RSE]

    Lynok, who resides in Ferax has dreams of becoming a Knight just like his Great Grandmother Lyruqu. As his training nears its end he is confronted with harrowing truths which will tear him apart and force him into a crazy adventure through dimensions Journey between classic SNES RPG era...
  3. bjorn56

    RMMV Garage Ninja! [RPG] [Comedy] Demo Out Now!

    If you are interested in playing the game, Let me know. This game is on steam if you want to add it to your wishlist. Any feedback or ideas are welcome. If you are interested in helping out, shoot me a message and I'll see what we can do. Thanks for reading, Bjorn.
  4. Dama

    RMMV [RSE] Xenoneo Demo

  5. mythbuilder

    RMMV [RSE] Prime Maxima: Warrior

    Synopsis An untimely death places you at the head of a high-risk mercenary squad in a bloody civil war. Thread the needle between savage battlefields and cutthroat politics as you uncover the truth behind your fallen comrade's demise. Master your arms. Rally your troops. Become a Warrior...
  6. quackenbirdt

    RMMV [RSE] Netherkeep - A 16-bit Dungeon Crawler (Demo Release!)

    My demo entry for the "Release Something Event." SYNOPSIS Four condemned daredevils wakes in an underground dungeon. Stalked by the relentless denizens of the Netherkeep, they are drawn into a struggle for survival that neither the living, nor the dead could provide an escape...
  7. JtheDuelist

    RMVXA [RSE] [Will Not Be Completed] Downfall FES Chronicles: Proof of a Hero

    Synosis Join Keres, back in the days of his youth and prime, as he explores the island of Líf in search of dungeons to complete in order to stop the mysterious man, Feigr, from conquering the island in this action adventure spinoff game in the Downfall FES series. Gather various tools and...
  8. VitaliaDi

    RMXP BURDEN: an RPG Horror [RSE]

    Burden The title is also the theme and you’ll discover more about that as you play. Greg is an ordinary family man thrust into extraordinary circumstances. He has a lot of hard choices to make that he isn’t quite prepared for. Another addition to the multiple ending RPG Maker Horror genre...
  9. AxelNinjaGamer

    RMMV [RSE] Cosmic Conquest (DEMO)

    Good morning, afternoon, or night. Below is the Demo for my project Cosmic Conquest I've been rewriting the concept for this game for the past year. Anyway, if you get around to playing my demo, I'd love to hear your feedback, anything is good Criticism, suggestions, resource recommendations...
  10. Kaliyo

    RMMV My Cat

    My Cat is a small game about the relationship between a human and his cat. With around 20-30 minutes of playtime it's rather short, it's actually more of a visual experience than a game but I hope you like it nonetheless. The story itself is mostly fictitious but there are some aspects based on...
  11. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Port Phobos

    PORT PHOBOS [RSE] Priscilla HATES her JOB! Well, she loves being an Aetherist, but hates having to operate as a Spacer Association field agent. Chasing down the dregs of society, loitering in the shadier side of town, and doing so without causing a scene. She's an Aetherist, all of her...
  12. Bonkers

    RMMV [RSE] Silver Town: The Extradition

    Placeholder Title art by RadioStarKiller Sai. Chibis by Maki Kuta. New Title screen is by @tv.ghost Please excuse the dust, this thread is under heavy construction. How can you help? A special custom banner will be made for your signatures, and is being updated for the 29th...

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