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  1. Kristina

    RTP A5 tileset not transparent

    Does anyone else got this issue? I haven't moved anything at all and it has always been like this from day 1. Is there a way to fix it? EDIT: It seems to only be the cliffs that's the issue, including the autotiles.
  2. PixelMister

    PixelMisters RTP Extensions MZ

    INTRODUCTION Welcome to PixelMisters RTP Extension MZ. Just like my Tileset Extension threads, this is a small resource thread which hopes to help extend your use of the RTP and improve the material provided. All resources created and provided, have been created with the RTP only - by...
  3. DigitalWF

    FREE [Playtester Needed] For new MZ game (No install)

    Anyone interested in playtesting my new RMMZ Game? It's a classic fantasy RPG Just play the game and let me know what you think (Aside form it's a full RTP game) Here is the link https://digitalwf.itch.io/miracle-orbs I might polish this project with plugins and other custom assets later...
  4. ImmaGhoost

    Spiked Club Weapon Sheet

    I was messing around with the weapons trying to make them a bit more unique and created this bad boy. Felt like I should share it because I didn't really find anything like it anywhere else. It's a simple weapon edited with all RTP assets so feel free to use it in your game for commercial or non...
  5. ABandit

    Using MV's RTP in VNMaker

    In the DLC folder of Visual Novel Maker there are backgrounds and battlebacks from RPG Maker MV, as well as a good selection of busts. My question: can I use other RPG Maker MV standard assets such as music and sound effects in VN Maker? And since I own 2k, VX and VX Ace, can I use their RPT in...
  6. Rhino

    Update to SRD-Character Creators [27/8] New Eyebrows + Updated Eyes + Cloak

    Welcome! This thread contains graphic fixes and new pieces for SRD-Character Creator and the latest version, SRD- Character Creator EX. Both have different layouts, so please be sure to download the right files for the plugin you're using! Extended Image Pack For CCEX Currently Contains...
  7. Phonantiphon

    Animated Gate

    RESOURCE TYPE : Animated Gate - (tile\event) MAKER FORMAT : VX Ace ART STYLE : VX Ace RTP DESCRIPTION : I'm looking for an animated gate in the style of the pale wood-coloured fencing found in the VX Ace RTP tileset. I completely accept there may already be one but I can't find it...

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