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  1. Quexp

    Harold Sprite -- no head piece (RTP edit)

    I've been messing around as I learn stuff and finally started working on a game. Then came a game jam with a Harold theme so I'm putting mine aside and am working on something for that. So...this will be my first actual game and first game jam! Um...if I finish it...I'm great at starting...
  2. Coelocanth

    RTP edits

    A collection of RTP characters sleeping in an RTP bed. Actors on the left, People on the right, Evil in the middle. This can be used as-is for an event charset (with "direction fix") or copy the ones you need. Attached zip contains GIMP file with layers for further editing. Terms: You must...
  3. ShadowDragon

    RTP RoofSet (RMMV)

    This roofset is a multi roof, edit with minor and major edits from the RTP roof, currently, Blue and Green, and I have Red and Yellow as well, but I do not add this for now, some things might be added that can be of good use of make a suggestion to expand it. While there is alot of roofs out...
  4. HalcyonDaze

    MV Sideview Awning Edit

    I remember someone making a sideview version of the awning from SF_Outside_C as a tile edit, but after two hours of scouring the internet and the forums, I can't seem to find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  5. thepsyche

    thepsyche's RTP Leaf Combination Edits

    Hey team! I couldn't find many different formations of the RTP leaves anywhere (or at least not the ones I needed personally), so I decided to throw this together. I hope it's of some use to you guys. Credit: RTP edits, so myself and Kadokawa please. Commercial and non-commercial use...
  6. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.'s Creations & Edits (Updated 26APR20) - Mechasuit

    So, I've been doing some edits lately.. and I said to myself: "Self, why create a new thread for each Resource? You should start your own Thread!!" Here it is!! My Creations and Edits Thread. Terms of Use are listed below. SV Weapon(s): Syringe (Originator Yanfly)...
  7. Eraine

    Eraine's RTP Farm edits - now with growing fruittrees!

    Hi! Decided to share a few things I made for my game. While trying to make my maps I often find that I need things to look slightly different, and gimp helps to create that. I've downloaded tons of stuff from here, so I thought I could at least give a little back! So here are a stile, some...
  8. Zelgadis85

    RPG Maker MV Tileset - RTP World_A1 edit (slim coast lines with grass)

    Hi fellow RPG Makers, maybe some of you might have wanted to create world maps with slightly less square look between water and grass. Having found no other easy way around it, I decided to make a quick edit to the World_A1 tileset which, in my opinion, makes the grassy land look less square...
  9. kovak

    Kovak's RTP Edits

    Use it for both Comercial and non-comercial projects. Credits goes to Kadokawa and Degica, no need to credit me, really. Characters Tilese pieces   Iconset Modifications
  10. Kyuukon

    Tall SF Doors (MV)

    So, basically what I want are the MV RTP "!SF_Door1" and "!SF_Door2" in taller version. Indrah did it for the medieval doors here:  You can use them as reference for the size I'm looking for (in her thread they are listed as "medium sized doors") >.< Ideally, I'd like to employ them...
  11. Clarey

    RTP Edits

    I take requests/suggestions, just post them in the thread below and I'll take a stab at it at least or try to figure out how I would do a tile. Furniture Floors Walls Windows
  12. deadtuning

    Snow Cliff

    Please just slap me but I've been searching and searching and can't quite find it. Looking for an edit of the MV RTP of the bottom set of cliff tiles of Outside A5 tileset to make them snowy. I just want a very simple snow cliff edit, including the little corner pieces. I've searched the...
  13. Moony

    Moony's House of Resources [Minor Update: 8/29/16 - My computer lives!]

      Moony's House of Resources Currently requests are considered suggestions? Terms of Use Updates 8.29.16 - Got a new computer and going through the long process of reinstalling all the important programs I use. x.x Sprites Generator Parts Modern Tiles I...
  14. Lars Ulrika

    Lars Ulrika's edits on the spot.

    Hi everybody! While working on my Birthday Bash project I did some edits that I thought I could share here. It's simple Rtp edits so use them wherever you want, just please don't forget to credit me :). So I did some edits for a weird forest these are simple recolors which should match-up...
  15. jonthefox

    Rounded Cliffs (MV)

    Hey, kind of surprised this hasn't been done yet, or if it has, I haven't been able to find it.   I'd like some simple edits to the RTP to make the cliffs curved at the edges, instead of the right-angle squares they form by default. I'd like these for the exterior grass and rock cliffs on...
  16. jonthefox

    JonTheFox's very basic resources! Snow Forest Battleback

    Terms of use:  can be used in commercial or non-commercial.  Must credit me as JonTheFox.  If used in commercial, give me free copy of game. :)    Must also credit  KADOKAWA.  Can only use if you own a copy of RPG MAKER MV.   I don't know how much I'll have to contribute, but if anyone wants...
  17. Blithe

    Snow Forest Battleback

    I needed a winter forest battleback and decided to make an edit to the battlebacks2:Forest.png that comes with RPG Maker MV. It's a small edit to make the trees/ground appear to have snow on the bark/grass blades. It looks best when paired with battleback1:Snowfield.png and battleback1:Road2...
  18. Ice Bear

    Sideview Motion Weapons Recolor

    Yanfly has released their own weapon sheets on their site. You can use either, I'm fine with that. (Should I close this thread, I do not know) Note: To make these images work, you need Yanfly's Weapon Animation plugin. Instructions on how to configure it is his post or website. Also Weapons2...
  19. DraynaRue Games

    16Bit (Colour) Tileset

    As someone who is, oddly, obsessed with "Retro-ifying" images I decided to reduce the colours of the RTP Tilesets to 16 in order create a sort of SNES feel to my game. Enjoy :D If you use these in your RPGMaker MV projects just credit me. Normally resource creators and scripters ask for a...
  20. Rogue Milk

    Rogue Milk's MV Stuff (RTP Edits) - Update 10/16/2016

    Hi everyone. This are some sv_enemies edits (recolor and franken) that I've been working on. Some are a little rough on the edges, but I am hoping to get better at this. Terms of Use Recolors Humanoid Elemental Fusions Monster Edits Newer...

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