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  1. Shifting the Walls

    (I looked over the other resources here and didn't see anything exactly like this - if there is and I missed it, well here's another version ^_^;; ) One of the major things that has always bothered me when I am trying to create maps is that placing items in front of walls never looks quite...
  2. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Hello! Here I'll post manly RTP Edits, since I'm not a real pixel artist, haha. But, maybe they're useful for someone :)   Terms of use Feel free to use it on commercial or non-commercial games. You are also free to re-edit it. Please do not post it elsewhere. Don't forget to credit me and...
  3. Broyi

    I'm looking for a tileset. (RTP Edit).

    I need something like this, the one that goes downstairs, in the style of this part of the VX ACE RTP, because the RTP only contains the one that it's going upstairs. It would be nice if it would include the "shadow" you see at the end of the reference stair. And it would be only that. Thanks...
  4. Hailren

    Request for RTP animation edit

    I would like to make a request of an RTP animation edit.  I would like the State 4 to be changed from ducks to stars.

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