rtp edits

  1. Nenen

    nenen’s VXAce Resource Edits

    I inevitably start to edit the assets whenever working on a project, so I thought it was a good idea to share them with everyone. So… Here’s what can be shared. A mix of clumping/rearranging, Recolors, Frankensteining, and other edits. Won’t include those too specific/non-versatile to share, and...
  2. CallMeKerrigan

    CMK's RTP Edits

    Hi, there. So I've gotten much much better at making and editing tiles since I've last posted and I really enjoy doing it. I just wanted to share the things I make. Some rules: These are edits of RPGMaker MZ RTP (If I use other versions later on I will specify) so you have to own rpgmaker mz...
  3. aqua

    { aqua's RTP edits }

    { aqua's RPT edits } Hey, guys! Aqua here. It's been, like... two? Years since I've last shared anything here, but I'm back with some RTP edits. (Because one can't be always inspired to create from scratch!) Examples: TERMS OF USE + YOU MUST credit aqua for the edits + YOU MUST own RPG...
  4. wintrydaze

    wintrydaze's *MV* storeroom

    The typical story. Was making stuff for my game and thought they could be shared, then I started making other stuff just for sharing. Hope they are useful, I’m no pixel artist so go easy on me! Terms of Use Because these are mainly RTP edits, they can only be used in RPG Maker games and you...
  5. Brellelasouls

    A Better Swamp Tileset

    So I have a BIG issue with the default swamp tiles in game, idk why they thought the ONLY time someone is gonna be in a swamp is if it's poisonous. Well as someone who loves Swamp levels and lands in games I just couldn't stand for that. So I edited the default tiles in RPG Maker MV to be a...
  6. GethN7

    GethN7's Royalty Free People Faces RTP Addons

    I'm posting here some royalty free addons for People 5, 6, 7 and People 8's faces, which the RTP does not provide, and when I say royalty free, that means you can use them for commercial games and the only people you have to credit is Enterbrain (unless otherwise noted). You don't even have to...
  7. Zonen

    Zonen's RTP Edits & Doodads

    Hey all, Just wanted to share a few simple RTP edits I've been working on for my own project.  I wanted some inverted stuff, a larger mirror, and stuff like that so I put it together. If it's useful for you then great.  Free for commercial & non-commercial use You may edit these for your...
  8. shadefoundry

    Shady's Edits

    I was never really satisfied with some of the auto tiles from MV as they always felt very square to me, so I've taken it upon myself to learn a bit of photoshop to try to remedy my problems with the RTP. Anything I post here is stuff that I put together for my own project and since photoshop is...
  9. 162

    162's Faux 3D Walls (and Wall Accessories)

    Are you tired of your maps looking a little on the flat side? Inspired by Celianna's amazing tiles in the Adventure pack, here's a rework of the wall tiles to make it seem a little more 3Dish. I'm going to focus on indoor walls and wall stuff, but might branch out to outdoor stuff. (I"m usually...
  10. RTP-edit Icons [updated Apr.4!]

    I was whipping together myself recolours and frankenicons for possible abilities and states, and figured I might as well share them in case I don't end up using them anyway. Credit to Enterbrain (of course); free for any use as per VX Ace RTP EULA terms. Credit to me is certainly...
  11. Phonantiphon

    Phon's General Resources

    So I'm not an artist by any means, but I think that I'm creative enough...  :) Anywho, I'm currently developing my own game, and I'm making some of my own resources. In the spirit of working within the forum, I thought I might share some things that I make, in case anyone might like to use...
  12. Kes

    ksjp's modest edits

    Most recent: Interior and exterior large round tower - big enough to move around in.  With screenshots in spoilers to show how they can look. Most of my edits are of resources where the terms prohibit posting, but I do have a few rtp edits which I thought might be useful for other people.  I...
  13. GrandmaDeb

    Aindra's Corner

    Aindra's Corner - RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX/Ace Tiles, Sprites And Animated Objects Welcome to Aindra's Corner, hosted by GrandmaDeb. Aindra was one of my first friends in the world of RPG making, and although her edits may not seem ground-breaking now, at the time, they were all...
  14. Seacliff

    Having One sprite carry another.

    boy, it's been awhile since I last posted a request... Okay, so I have a point in the game where Actor 3-3 (aka elmer) is carrying another sprite. Bridal Carry style. Here's Actor 3-3, just in case: and here's the sprite I want him to carry: I really hope this is something possible, and...
  15. Blackxwolf

    Blackxwolf's stuff (new: characters)

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum but I'd like to share some stuff I made with you. If you'd like to use anything, please credit me. Additional credit is required for some resources. Some of this stuff is pretty old and may not be of awesome quality. Also, I'm open to requests, just shoot me a...

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