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  1. CheekyChelldos

    Request: RTP-style faceset for middle-aged woman

    I've never posted on a forum like this before! If I've done something wrong, please don't be mad or ban me. Just let me know and I'll correct myself :) Resource Type: Faceset Maker Format: RPG Maker VX Ace Art Style: In or similar to the original VX Ace style Description: I'm looking for a...
  2. King Galaxian

    Iceberg Bridge Over Water Charset MV

    Hey, I have a rather unique request. You see, I have an idea for the storyline in an rpg I've been working on for years. My character has the ability to control ice, and to form it by force of will. He needs to get into a castle to take on his evil adversary, but the only way to get to the...
  3. Daena Grey

    Lack of Facesets? More like Lack of Awesomeness.

    Hello hello, folks! Today, I've come to Barga--*Coughcoughcough* I mean. I have come with one request, because I sincerely, from the deepest pit in my heart, Majorly--*Insert Darkest Occult Curse at non-existant Art Skills here* And this brings me to this section of the Forum for those pieces...
  4. dreamfall887

    Need Faces for female sprites (VXACE, RTP style)

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone would make some faces for my black female sprites RTP style. I only need one for each character. I'll describe the personality for each girl. (if you want me to go in more detail, just say so). The girl in red is kind and elegant. The girl in...
  5. taarna23

    Creating an MV-Styled Icon

    Creating an MV-Styled Icon Introduction Welcome! This tutorial is meant to help you to create icons in the same style as the RTP icons. Initially, I had planned to create some icons, but I realized there are so many backgrounds for the MV icons, and so many possible shapes to put on them...
  6. ct_bolt

    [SV Animated Battler] Slime & Bat RTP Style

    Slime (Request) Bat (Request)   I have used SV_Battlers from SV_enemies that byBibo has made and also Animated Battlers by Ækashics they are quite nice; They're not really quite what I need though. Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)
  7. Makio-Kuta

    VX Ace Astronaut Sprite

    Hello all! It feels strange to be on the requesting side of a request. I am in need of a sprite for a VXAce game in RTP style of an Astronaut. Searching myself only gave me one result, but it did not have enough information listed for me to know if I can modify the sprite. (That permission is...
  8. GrandmaDeb

    Mixing Portrait Styles in a Game - How much Tolerance for variation from RTP?

    I love the hermit crab portraits. I do like RTP edits too, like this nice bandit by Jalen And Makapri, and All kinds of others by Lunarea and so many others. How much tolerance is there in a game to allow for non-RTP style? Please discuss. For example, some Hermit crab...
  9. Jomarcenter

    [RTP VXACE] In need of forest entrance way/pathway for world map.

    I in need for the forest entrance way or a path way for a world map. Because the RTP only has the entrance way for mines and mountainous areas. It should be good for the RTP world map tileset. thanks -MJM

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