1. PixelMister

    PixelMisters RTP Extensions MZ

    INTRODUCTION Welcome to PixelMisters RTP Extension MZ. Just like my Tileset Extension threads, this is a small resource thread which hopes to help extend your use of the RTP and improve the material provided. All resources created and provided, have been created with the RTP only - by...
  2. GethN7

    MZ RTP for VX Ace

    I did a conversion of the MZ RTP for VX Ace, just the graphical resources (minus the side view stuff), can be used as a drop-in replacement for the VX Ace RTP (I'd copy over the VX Ace RTP then overwrite the files with the MZ equivalents if used in this manner, rename files as appropriate if you...
  3. Leokids

    The RTP IS Missing Thread for MZ Is not in There :(

    Some People Thinks The RTP We have is Missing some Resources so We need The RTP Is Missing Threrad
  4. Lack of Sci-fi/Modern setting Battlebacks in MZ RTP and sci-fi overworld issue

    So, I've noticed that MZ RTP has almost no modern/sci-fi battlebacks. There's only two I can think of that seem to be catered specifically to sci-fi (technically 4, but 3 of those are the same place in different states). One is a very niche virtual world, the other is a small town (looking...
  5. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources for MZ

    Candacis' Resources for MZ Terms of Use: You can only use those edits in an RPG Maker product and you have to have RPG Maker MZ. Free for non-commercial and commercial projects. You need to credit me! You need to send me a copy of your finished game, if you do a commercial project. Feel free to...
  6. GalacticGod

    GalacticGod's MZ Edits

    Terms of Use & Credit Credit: GalacticGod and Kadokawa (Pretty much just some edits of the MZ RTP). Non-Commercial: Allowed Commercial: Allowed Repost: Yes (a link back to this thread would be nice) Edits: Allowed (a link back to this thread would be nice) Repost of Edits: Yes (a link back to...
  7. HalcyonDaze

    Halcyon's RTP Edits

    The newest generation of RPG Maker is finally upon us! While porting some of my MV maps over earlier today, I found myself really confused by the default roof colors they chose this time around. I'm not anything even approaching a pixel artist, so my resource contributions will be strictly...
  8. hayahay

    Hayahay's Resource Depot (Newest: Animated Sideview Battler - RTP God)

    TOU: Free for Commercial and Non-Commercial Games. You must Own RPG Maker MV in order to use this resource. For RPG Maker Use Only. Kindly give credit to HayahayArt2020 or hayahayart
  9. JadedPeach

    Fixing black screen on opening RPG Maker 2K3

    I have just downloaded RPG Maker 2003 and the RTP, however when I open up a new project everything is black. I'm not sure how to fix this. Someone on a different forum I saw suggested going into the Database and putting the relevant chipsets into the tileset folder - but how do I do this...
  10. Leokids

    Another Request.

    Resource Type: Characters and Faces Maker Format: VX/VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: The Classic Kids From 2000 But Remastered and Ready For VX/VX Ace. Reference Images: Ok. Basically The Kids From 2000-2003 But Remastered For VX. Style Would be Like this. But The Face Could be...
  11. tale

    RTP VX Ace Battlers (SMT-Pixel) + Battler Death Animations (Thanos Effect)

    I used PixaTool to convert VX Ace Battlers to pixel art with minor sharpen effect. no anti-alias Pixel art style looks a bit reminiscent to older Shin Megami Tensei however not as smooth. In addition, death animations are made from Juice FX with Thanos Effect. 20 frames long Thanos Effect is...
  12. kaffe

    - Ignore post -

    Hey all, so I have a generally basic question - do you / would you play games made with RTP (that is, the default assets that come with RPG Maker?) I do, and have. I have even bought and enjoyed some that use a lot of RTP. To me, if the game-play and/or story are good them I tend not to care so...
  13. Tressenia

    Flying Fairy Generator Parts (RMMV, RTP Style) - NEW Hairstyles 10 January 2020!

    Hello! I never thought I'd be posting my own resources on here, but here I am! What you see here are edits of the RTP, so nothing is 100% original. I edited these for my own use, but I would like to share them with everyone so you guys can benefit, too! Let me know what you think! :hhappy...
  14. Tressenia

    Flying Fairy Wings (MV, RTP Style)?

    EDIT: I was able to edit some RTP resources and make my own flying fairy! :) Resource Type: TV generator part (wings, gender neutral) Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I'd like a generator part (with separate color file) for a flying/hovering fairy, similar to the RTP fairy...
  15. kR1pt0n1t3

    Using RPXP on PC's with no admin rights

    So, I'm trying to make my RPXP somehow to work on PC where I don't have admin right but I have the following problem. Using PC at my home I installed steam on my USB drive and logged on it. Via steam, I installed the RPXP in the new repository I made on the same USB drive When I put the USB...
  16. alcreator440

    Unique RTP-Style Shield Icons

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there either has or could make shield icons that have a similar aesthetic to the image above. If you guys know of a source please link me to it. I need about 5-10 unique shield designs. I should also mention that I would like the icon to be angled...
  17. Can't Find File Graphics/Character/Party/Actor4

    Hey, I've got this old project that I haven't touched in a while. I launched it again and it fails after opening a scene that contains one of the missing sprites. Either Actor4 or !Door1 or Vehicle, etc. Basically a bunch of default files that it should have found immediately. After...
  18. Lucary

    Horns like the ones Evil 7 has?

    Hi everyone! I need some horns for my characters similar to the ones that RTP Evil 7 has (aka on the bigger/bulkier side or ram/dragon horns). It would be a big plus if they were compatible with Schlangans extended character generator. I've been looking but to no avail. These assets also need to...
  19. HalcyonDaze

    Sink Edit?

    Earlier today, I saw an rtp tile edit someone made of the kitchen sink with water in it. Now I can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm referring to?

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