ruby script

  1. AgentN107

    Event name override for YANFLYS Move Restrict Region(SOLVED)

    so first of all I am making a modification to YANFLYS Move Restrict Region script here I made a change if I name an event in the editor it overrides the event overall region restrict. Now all of this has been going...
  2. AgentN107

    (Solved)Save window not being on last save

    Boy I had hard time naming this. I have not posted in the forms for awhile sorry this might not be exactlly in the right spot(also doing from my first time and it is being a pain). I have a point in my demo where one section is primarlly auto save. When the player leaves and saves again the auto...
  3. $game_switches evaluation

    I am trying to evaluate if a $game_switches[1] is set to true or false but, when I try the evaluation sets it to what I'm evaluating. I can activate the switch from another event with the following script: $game_switches[1] = true This is on Event 1 Map 1 I need the condition switch checkbox on...
  4. Isabella Ava

    Help to edit the script a little :(

    Hi guys, i am trying to modify KHAS's Saphier Action System: that to have a distance attribute for skill, for example if i input note tag distance = 100 then that skill will be destroyed after it has moved >= 100 pixel. I checked the script and...
  5. KzGaming

    Loading screen before enter game.

    I need an script for RPGMaker VXAce, about loading screen before it enter the games or enter the maps or load an save file. *Note: I don't good about ruby script.
  6. TheRaluShow - ISSUE Translation Request.

    I have been clearing all Japanese dialogue from my game to replace with full English. Problems started to occur , When selecting an enemy the select text is still in Japanese and thats not even it. The Guard Dialogue shows up in full Japanese and I have searched all my Ruby Scripts for the issue...
  7. Omega Five

    XS Scripts Website is Dead / XS History Book Pastebin?

    I desperately need the XS History Book script by Nicke, but his website is dead. If anyone has the script, PLEASE copy it on pastebin. Thank you all.

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