1. AgentN107

    How Brightness?

    so I am trying to add a way to change the brightness in-game from an options menu. it is using a variable but in case you need to see the code it is the yanfly options menu so one way I thought of doing this is using the graphics.brightness but while it works when I adjust it, it resets when...
  2. AgentN107

    (Solved)Custom options for Yanflys options

    I am looking for a way to add custom options to yanflys system options that are like how the switch and dashing work but with more options than off or on. like for a difficulty option, it would have easy med hard. I would like them to still be able to be variable just not like the bar it...
  3. Atlas48

    Is using the Opal transpiler actually viable?

    So, I'd like to switch over to MV at some point, but I despise the Javascript-only scripting that MV has, for a multitude of reasons that I'd rather not start a flame war over. As someone who would like to desperately cling onto ruby scripting, is the Opal transpiler actually viable for use in...
  4. ShinySlowqueen

    Szyu's Item Class Restriction Script causing crash when using items on enemies.

    I am using Szyu's Item Class Restriction Script to make several items only usable by actors 1 and 2, and several others only usable by actor 3. It works perfectly well doing this. However, whenever I use an attack item in battle, the game crashes with the error: line 71: NoMethodError...
  5. Romanticist

    Why did RPG Maker use Ruby?

    Out of curiosity, why did RPG Maker use Ruby? People did some really cool things with RGSS, but there are hardly any games outside of RPG Maker that use Ruby. I couldn't find an answer to this but I'm quite curious. Another way of asking this is, why don't/didn't other engines use Ruby? I can...
  6. AgentN107

    changing the the picture when changing symbols

    I have been trying to figure this out how to do this I see it in other scripts and I think I have the pieces but can't put them in place so when you change the selection in a command window it changes it what I want is at 0:36 this is my coding class Window_Notes < Window_Command def...
  7. AgentN107

    Custom Curser how?

    I am trying to make a custom cursor that is next to the options and not behind the selection I found some coding that does what I want but then resets when I move the cursor. I have it in my scripts window should it be elsewhere. Edit: should have mentioned, this is for a script I'm making, so...
  8. AgentN107

    I have 2 issues with my item pop up

    So I made a script that is a more simple item pop up of just being in a corner and the player can just go about there business it also is used for quests or whatever else. It is called through a script call that can change its Icon and its message the 2 major problems I have are 1 if it runs and...
  9. AgentN107

    [Solved]How to select last?

    Hello i'm a new scripter and I have looked far and wide for this but had no luck. I am trying to make it so when the select a comand it opens a window then when they back out of the second window it is still selected on that command. I found in the menu and item menu have something in there code...
  10. ken1882

    Combine RGSS with ruby-c dll and speed up the game like a boss

    WARNING: This post is not suitable for newbies, perhaps also not applied to the game that doesn't have a performance issue. It's suggested to know the following knowledge to fully understand how it works: RMVA Scripting experience(most important one, required) Basic C/C++ knowledge Familiar...
  11. Chocobo

    Proof of Concept: Ruby in RMMV - A Simple HUD Demo

    Last weekend I came to stumble across the Opal project that allows Ruby code to be run in the browser by transpiling it into JS. I was hooked to find out if it can work in RMMV -- and by that I mean more than just a hello world program. As a preamble: There already was a thread with a demo of...
  12. ShinGamix

    Ruby Versions Discussion

    I have an idea for a script project I want to start with a few other people I know but I wanted to discuss a few things. The project is going to be a big undertaking and benefit the community as a whole. How much difference does the Xp, VX, and Ace versions of ruby actually have? I know the...
  13. Show Text script call not working

    For various reasons, I have two sets of dialogue that must be processed within a script instead of the event manager. I've been using the script calls I found here, and while they mostly work, the 'Show Text' call doesn't. The dialogue box appears, but it doesn't wait for the player to finish...
  14. Dropping objects to block path

    I'm currently working on a project where a monster is chasing the main character through a labirinth and the player can get an item which will transfer him to another labirinth filled with other monsters I ask your help to help me making a script, if the player pushes a button then...
  15. NoMethodError Occured. Undefined Method: 'empty?' for nil:NilClass

    Hello I'm using Szyu's Crafting System script, and it was working just yesterday but today I go in and I haven't changed a thing, but every time I try to craft something I get this error. It gives me the error on line 175. I'm really bummed out about this and would like some help. Thanks.
  16. Checking if an event has been erased through a script call.

    Hello so i'm making a game where you can fight enemies, and then after a certain amount of time they respawn. Now my friend and I (mostly him) wrote a ruby script that allowed us to have that event respawn, through an event call. But we need to only respawn the event if the event has been...
  17. chungsie

    Developing an Ebook Reader with ACE

    So I recently made a lot of progress on an Ebook Reader in ace. it still needs finagling to get things as I envision for it. My question is, what kind of features would people that would use the app for their publishing purposes? At the moment you cannot execute any code with a book, but can...
  18. A-Moonless-Night

    Turn switch on/off during fadein/fadeout

    So, I've been learning a bit of Ruby and I decided to try my hand at making a simple script that turns some switches off during screen fadeout and then turns them back on again during fadein. The reason I wanted to do this is because the lighting script I'm using (Casper Gaming's Light Effects...
  19. Ruby 1.8.1 (no SSL support??)

    Helping with the game development and we are doing some online features...the issue is I have ssl enabled on my site and also rewrites (which pretty much forces https) and the version of ruby in RPG Maker XP is 1.8.1....SSL support for ruby was introduced in there any way that we can...
  20. Ruby 1.8.1 (No SSL support)

    Helping with the game development and we are doing some online features...the issue is I have ssl enabled on my site and also rewrites (which pretty much forces https) and the version of ruby in RPG Maker XP is 1.8.1....SSL support for ruby was introduced in there any way that we can...

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