1. tale

    com_sho Tileset Packs (compilation)

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets that I resized for VX/ Ace here. There are 2 packs: mv_rtp and non-rtp mv_rtp folder: - akumu (nightmare) - arabian - dangerous neighborhood - forest - horror_house - horror_house_splatter - kabe (fancy room) - mvtiles (modern...
  2. tale

    Altar/ Dark Ruins Battlebacks

    I wonder if there are battlebacks that could fit with Dark Fantasy characters pack. I found backgrounds and a base which blends well together. Base was isometric. Dark Ruins base was edited with perspective tool to make ground look leveled. Altar looks okay but not crisp. Backgrounds are...
  3. tale

    com_sho Ruins Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. Tileset colors may look nitty-gritty however with the use of pictures could look serene. Preview- Zip includes- pictures: fog1-4 and light1-2 | tilesets: relictile, ruinwall Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use...
  4. CallMeKerrigan

    Tiles by Kerrigan Updated 02/07/2020 (Monster sprite and spider leg gen parts)

    I wanted some Apocalyptic Las Vegas-esque tiles and MV is lacking in modern tiles. So I edited some from the RTP and wanted to share them. You can use them in commercial or non commercial games, I don't care about the game content as long as you make them with RPGMaker and own MV because I...
  5. lixerman99

    Dungeon Tiles Request

    Hi! I've yet to fully purchase RPG Maker MV but I've finished the demo and learnt a lot (I will definitely but it in the next few days) and I think we should have more dungeon tiles. We've got some, but not that many to make really cool dungeon ruins. I'm thinking The Elder Scrolls style - i...
  6. Kes

    Ruined/damaged well

    I have just spent a loooong time looking for a ruined/damaged well for an abandoned town.  I've got my bashed up/collapsing walls etc., but this well has defeated me. Does anyone know if such a thing even exists?  And if so, where it is? Thanks very much.

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