1. SteveChopz

    Problems with Battle Hud Rune

    Hello everyone, I have a problem right now with a plugin I want to use. The plugin is the RPG Maker MV Battle Hud Rune by SouxRegalia I put everything where it belongs and the plugin works but I have...
  2. mjshi

    Rune Skills (Skill System)

    Rune Skills (Skill System) v1.2b by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! (direct link) Extras alternate version by Waterguy runic icon set by tale A different way of using skills. Combine runes to form epic spells! Commissioned by the wonderful Vance...
  3. Hororo

    Rune scene/system

    i would like to request a script quite similar to suikoden rune system. Since ace has a feature that adds a trait to a specific item to learn that category of skill, rune system can be applied but i want it to have an extensive feature a scene rather also a condition. let's put an example, Red...

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Entire Party: YOU????

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