runic enchantment

  1. Uzuki

    Kread-EX's Possible Add-on

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get a edit for Kread-EX's Runic Enchantment script. I was wondering if there was a way to have only certain runes applied to certain weapons. For example: The Rune, Scope, can be applied to all Gun weapons, but not to Melee weapons. It would really help...
  2. LeeOccleshaw

    'Runic Enchantment' with 'Yanfly Convert Damage' - Notetag ignored as a rune.

    I am attempting to use both of these scripts together but the Convert Damage notetag (<convert hp physical: +x%>) does not work when used as a Runic Enchantment weapon rune. This is a shame as I'd like to offer players the ability to add these features to their weapons via the Runic Enchantment...
  3. Quigon

    [Ace] Kread-Ex Runic Enchantment Edit

    Hi everyone. Apologies for *another* request, and I'm unsure how difficult it is but here you go. The script in question that I need an edit of is Kread Ex's Runic Enchantment. With it, you can apply items to weapons to add certain traits to them, and take them off and add them as you want...

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