1. RMMV Running in sv battle

    Hi! I want there to be a running animation for when the character moves towards the enemy to attack. Is there a plug in for this?
  2. KitteyWolf

    RMMV Footstep sounds with variation and possible different sounds for running.

    So I've been working on a project for a while- and I realized that I really needed to get sound effects for the footsteps sorted out. Currently I'm trying to work within yanfly's YEP plugin for footsteps- but its hard to figure out a good sound effect to use. I was hoping there was a way...
  3. Gallimed

    Idle/walking/running animation

    Is there any way to achieve that? I'd like to have my characters have more animation than just three frames when walking and running about. Bonus point if i can cycle frames instead of working around it. It would be appreciated if i could also make animation like laughing/climbing...
  4. Nicke

    Hirion - Stamina System

    Hirion - Stamina(v1.0) Introduction: A stamina system. This will add a stamina parameter to the player which are used to control the ability to dash around the map. This plugin works with Hirion Swim, you will loose more stamina when swimming. You can display the stamina to the user using the...
  5. ts50

    Running RM games on Mac OS

    Not a hundred percent certain if this is the right place, but here goes. So, I am making a game with RPG Maker. My friend really wants to play, but he has a MacBook. I tried running the game on it, but an error message appeared saying that Windows programs can't be run on Mac OS. Is there some...
  6. AkisaNemo

    Change player's graphic when the player is running

    Hello! I wonder if I can change the player's graphic when the player is running... I know I can change the player's graphic by adding "Change graphic..." in "Set Move Route" event command. However,I think that is suitable in a chase event by disabling running in map properties,set the...
  7. deplete gauge

    Hello everyone, I need a little help here.  I going to have a character carrying a candle.  The point is I want to make the candle deplete over time and it can be shown by the gauge.  If the character runs the gauge will deplete faster and the gauge can be refill buy using match stick.  When...
  8. Chase Battle

    So I'm working on a chase mechanic for my game in MV and was hoping to get some insights from more experienced people on how to get a couple of features working.  I'm totally okay installing any plugins, but haven't quite found ones that work the way I'd like. The things I'd like to do, in...
  9. jjbones123

    How to make events that are only triggered by running/dashing?

    Hello! :)   I'm new to both this forum and forums in general and i'm not entirely sure how to word my question but, here it goes: I'm making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace and I want one of the characters in my game to destroy breakable walls on the over world map by charging into them. To...
  10. Intro re-runs after I save and exit?

    Hi, So I made an intro for my game and the event is set for autorun. I decided to save my game so then I can keep testing as I was progressing throughout the game. When I decided to make another region to go to, I entered an event that made me switch to the next region. But when I returned to...
  11. Topaz Light

    One-and-Done Run Button Tutorial for 2000 and 2003!

    Good news, everyone! I've created a short, sweet, and simple run button setup that operates entirely via common events; all you need to do is set these common events up once, and you're good to go! This script has been tested in RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003, and it works in both...
  12. thefusense

    Running base sprites (Anime run)

    Hi guys, Im looking for a base sprite set like the one in the attachment files, without clothing just the raw body, but with the ''anime running'' poses you know from anime like naruto. With the arm behind the body you know what I mean :D If this doesnt exist I can draw it myself too, but...
  13. thefusense

    Activate running with a button push and sprite sprint animation?

    So yeah, I search for a way to activate the running with a button and not by activating it seperatly on every map. And I would like to have a different walking animation for it when my character runs.
  14. Changing a character's running graphic?

    Hi! Okay, basically, I want to know how to change my main character's graphic when they're running. For example: Say they're walking down a road, and a monster chases them. Instead of just having them move faster, how would I upload an entirely different run cycle when I hit shift? I just want...
  15. No audio when running game.exe

    Hello, I noticed recently that when ever I playtest my game, i have no audio what so ever, and have spent 2 hours googling, with no one but me having this issue, so im making my own post. Specifics: Sounds work in RPG Maker VX Ace, with the sound test. They dont work when double clicking the...
  16. Agustin

    Mack Sprite Templates (More to come)

    Unfortunately, I only have side running right, now, but it still works. :D This is it: (I'm kinda new to sprites, but it looks good???? :P ) Walking Running: To-Do List: REQUEST MOARRRR... Note that these are Mack sprites, not the default chibi sprites. Also, feel free to use it in any...
  17. Misty

    Linux: Game not running with Wine

    Hello everyone, After 2 days of non-stop testing and researching. I have come for help after not finding a solution to my problem. First, I had a data cache glitch, but I fixed that by making a new game. Somehow it kept bringing back old events and resources that I replaced. I created a new...
  18. [XP] problem with common event for running

    i have been searching for quite a while now for a solution to make the player able to run in RMXP. and so far i have found a couple of solutions, but apparently non of them Works for me (i think i might be doing it wrong, but i cna't find the error since everything looks as it is supposed to). i...
  19. jasminedragon

    NPC chase and then "Game Over"

    Hello! I'm terribly sorry if this has been posted before, but I have just joined and am having trouble getting a feel for the place. I am trying to create an event where a girl walks out of a house, is approached by an enemy npc, the girl steps back a few steps, runs, and the npc chases her...
  20. Frostyfirefly

    Running animation (sprite)

    How do you change the walking animation to the running animation of a character when the player holds down the shift key? I already have a running animation spritesheet (it came with one of the graphic packs I purchased here), I just need to implement it when the player holds down shift.

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