1. K-Limbo

    RPG Maker runtime insides needed

    Hey there, everyone. I originally just wanted to find to way to start a playtest from my IDE instead of heaving to click the playtest button in the editor every time. I found this youtube tutorial to vastly improve the workflow. Non or less iv noticed i don't have much knowledge about the...
  2. RPG Maker MV keeps crashing

    Good day to you all. Honestly I am at my wits end. MV (bought it from Steam) keeps crashing and I don't know what to do anymore to fix it. I would be really grateful if this gets fixed, I have been sitting for hours trying to repair this. Anyway.. When does it crash? It always crashes when I...
  3. How to use runtimes so a program can be used in rpg maker mv

    I want to use creature (an animation software) in rpg maker mv. It has a pixi runtime, but I'm not sure how to use a runtime in rpg maker so that i can import the animation from creature to work. i know it is possible because a runtime was used to make spine and dragonbones work in rpg maker mv...
  4. 573Games

    Runtime Error

    Hi, friends. I'm developing a game using RPG M VX-A. Sometimes, when I am editing the game and I play-test it (F12), it works just fine (pulls up the game, loads everything, no problem). But sometimes, when I try to playtest, it shows me this error: Then windows searches for a solution and...

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