1. BurningSunMedia

    African Safari Preserve and Resort Resources!

    Hey RPGMaker community! Here are our new African Safari parallax resources! Free for non-commercial use, please credit artist "RLMurphey at Burning Sun Media." For commercial license, pm us or email us at burning_sun_media@yahoo.com. Many more add-ons to come!! We hope you enjoy...
  2. Safari type main chars.

    Resource Type: Sprite sheet Maker Format: mv Art Style: Similar to mv default Description: I like the two chars. that came with mv. I just need there clothes to be more brown/khaki and to have a safari hat as well as follow the diagonal movement sheet. I have been working on my game...

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Every once in a while I check to see if my planned game titles are taken or trademarked. Still okay. I plan to take my time for the sake of quality, but at the same time it feels like a race against some hidden dev out there who also plans to publish or register the same title.
Who else here likes frogs? I sure do like them squishy beings! :rwink:

Only the goggles are imported ... not the eyes
a lot of my maps and battlebacks are me redrawing base rpg maker mv stuff to match with my own artwork... sometimes it comes out ok lol.

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