1. ObsidianTrance

    ObsidianTrance Arte

    Hello RPG Maker community! Decided to share my artwork with all the other creators here, and possibly down the line, try out some sprites as well. Thus far most my work is centered on personal projects I'm working on, but there may be some randoms where and there. I mainly do character...
  2. BlackRoseMii

    Cutscene animation in Gimp

    Hello^^ I've been trying to make an anime-styled cutscene animation since some time now, but I've come across a certain problem every time: The animation is just too laggy. (Example of what I mean: http://blackrosemii.deviantart.com/art/Yet-another-animation-test-523561903 ) I'm using Sai...
  3. EvilEagles


      Tomb Raider - sai   Status: In Transit Cleared: 0/100 Rank: Mark of Bravery    Please specify which theme you are doing when submitting entries. You may request for an update of your status bar any time. Feel free to put it in your signature for bragging rights. If I forget to update...
  4. Sailerius

    SAI Key Item Button

    SAI Key Item Button v1.0 Bishop Myers ("Sailerius") Introduction Inspired by Chrono Cross, this script allows you to call the Key Item dialog box at any time on the map. You can make it such that selecting an item from the dialog box will activate an adjacent action button events so that...

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Trying out a new Battle Ui.
And.... I couldn't help myself. I linked my card game Lore and Concepts back to my RPG Maker game and made them take place in the same universe. I think that means I need to get back to work on my RPG Maker Game. There's obviously a story here my brain wants to tell.
Been hard at work trying to make more tactical aspects of the game a reality, if all goes well the Player, depending on the faction they choose, will;
Suffer little to no penalty for escaping battle.
Be able to manually speed up resource gathering.
Steal Special projects from rival Factions.
Slowly but surely the game dev streams accomplish the goal.... actually finishing the game. :LZSexcite:

Going to start in about 15 minutes or so for anybody interested. And of course you know you are, well at least you know now because it's been stated that you are, and obviously anything randomly stated on the Internet must be true right? :LZSwink:
Rag-Tag Team Unite!!!

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