1. Faherya

    How is Public Acceptance in Your Country / Region?

    When we talk about sales, we often worry about marketing a lot, but we forget to observe who the marketing is headed for. In some places, no matter how well you try to sell your product, no one will buy. Having said that I would like to know how the reception of the public in your countries in...
  2. mystic0

    Tools for Starting a Serious Game Company

    I have compiled a list of software, utilities, and web sites for making an indie enterprise. The list is based on the startups I've been involved with, the most highly rated resource, and the most cost effective products to create the most valuable products and services available. There is a...
  3. Necrojoker00

    about graphics

    are the resources like "Modern day tiles" and "modern day shop add-on" usable for Maker MV? I'm considering acquiring both, but if they are for VX or XP they won't be of use to me.
  4. Humble Game Making Bundles ??????

    hello i hope someone can help me, i am trying to figure out how Humble Game Making Bundles work?  How does the bundle and payments work. Does anyone know what this pay what you want means? for example if i paid 25.00 what does that get me? is that for use of 1 or 2 items or is it use for all...

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