1. ovate

    Same Equip Type

    Torigoya_SameEquipType - Jun 17, 2017 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview If equip slot name is the same, it can have an item of the same type Example- 01 Weapon 02 Shield 03 Accessory 04 Accessory 05 Accessory Equipment Slot 3-5 slots are Accessory 03-05 can be equipped with Accessory...
  2. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    Hi, I've been look around for a solution to my issue, yet I can't find any. I'm trying to make only one, simple item menu for my character, which can be open and closed with the same exact key. So far I've got this: 1. I've created a parallel event 2. Changed menu access to disabled (I don't...
  3. Parallax Panda

    [Bug Report] Troop battlebacks are all the same

    So I've got the latest STEAM version of RPG maker and I've run into an interesting problem which is that, if I change the battle background for one of my troops, it changes it for ALL my troops! I've tried turning off all my plugins, although I doubt that has anything to do with it since this...
  4. Event for multiple objects?

    Say I have a field of corn with stalks of corn on every other tile, and I want to have the same dialogue pop up when the hero interacts with each stalk of corn. Do I have to copy and paste the same event onto every stalk of corn, or is there a way to attach an event to a certain part of a...
  5. Ari


    I want to know how I can make two events on the same character. I want to make my character be sent to a village as a request from the characters mom. But after the character returns, the mom is found dead and character reacts....etc. Can anyone help me do that?
  6. DomTSVG

    How to Check for Multiple of the Same Item

    Hi guys! I was wonder if there was a way I could check for multiple items at the same time in one script call. Basically I want to make a basic crafting system without a huge fancy script, and I want to be able to check for multiple items with an ID value and make sure the player has enough of...
  7. Sixth

    [VXAce] Using multiple of the same window class in the same scene with different info shown

    Here I am again! This time I started my first scene completely made by me. However, I got an issue, which I can't seem to fix... So, the scene will be for Tsukihime's Party Manager script. The link for the script, if it is needed...

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