1. Stapleton

    DeVine: World of Shadows

    Small details: This game will be commercial and will cost $1.99. Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Summary: Play as Kuan a half-demon born in Hell. And enjoy many features such as: Explore a vast open-world with many quests and things to do. Complete the STORY and save the world from Kuan's demonic...
  2. Jeremiah Eastman

    RMMV Gladatora V.1.9.6 Alpha 4-22-20

    A new video was just released from Hypnojo Gaming in which he highlights some of the upcoming updates to Gladatora. If you check it out I thank you and if you can subscribe to Hypnojo on youtube I am sure he would be excited. :smile: Stay healthy all. Videos Synopsis: This is a game...
  3. [Demo] Grand Theft Noot

        Synopsis You play as Pingu, a clay penguin that has some weird abilities at his disposal. Right from the start of the game you can go wherever you please, at least that is the goal, making the player feel free and do what he wants to do first, while unlocking some features and...
  4. The Overworld: Does it Belong in the Past?

    WARNING: The following discussion will almost certainly contain opinions, especially ones that may differ from your own. If you encounter such an opinion, proper procedure dictates a calm response to prevent an S-Class Moronic Arrogant Dumbie (or MAD) event. I played a lot of old RPG's in my...
  5. evilsaigon

    Willistoria - A free-roaming, sandbox RPG

    After many months of slogging, I finally present to you my masterpiece... Willistoria Download the game here: Game mirror 1:!kgVhwRRL!EpCB_rt3aExdnDcvLsAHPDMJt__xrRHlOpWQLUME9yA Game mirror 2...
  6. Shenic

    Guys, I want your opinion. World map or not?

    Guys, I need your opinion. Basically, I don't know if I should make my game with a world map (old Final Fantasy style) or make it more like a Zelda game, where a map leads to another and, eventually, the player will arrive in a city/town/dungeon.
  7. Yeaster

    A Nightmare in Sunnydale [complete, VX]

    In her original world, Buffy Anne Summers was a vampire slayer, keeping the town of Sunnydale clean of demonic scum. Somehow, she finds herself in the world of Nowhere, with no memory of who she is or what her life was like before waking up here. Accompanying her is Dean Winchester, a demon...
  8. Open World Sandbox (Version 0.001)

    This is a game I have been working on with many ideas for the future! DOWNLOADS INFORMATION CURRENT FEATURES To-Do List SCREENSHOTS (Coming soon) COST!
  9. Kane Hart

    Elmlor - The Open World Sandbox RPG Game [In Development]

    Hello and Thank you for checking out Elmlor. Elmlor is an open world sandbox rpg with a lot of neat sandbox features. We thought of changing the way RPG Maker games were made and make something a bit more unique and slightly out of the norm.   Links: Website:
  10. Kane Hart

    Elmlor - RPG Maker MV Sandbox RPG.

    This is a very begging to Elmlor. Please take most of this with a grain of salt for obvious reasons and the story is going to be weak or next to nothing right now. I feel a big part of any and all RPG Maker games is the story and this is my biggest weakness. The biggest ideas for Elmlor is...
  11. Kane Hart

    Elmlor - Open World Sandbox RPG.

    Welcome to Elmlor Thread. At this time there is a lot of missing information that will be added and changed overtime. The idea of Elmlor is to have a nice RPG Story with a more open world sandbox like world. We are also going as far as adding things like tradeskills, harvesting, mining, and also...
  12. Randommerade

    Rising Sun - Life Sim Recruitment

    My name on here is Randommerade, but you can call me Sam if you desire. This is going to be a smallish project, alongside others, to "warm up" for my big one. The main inspirations are The Sims series, Harvest Moon, Skyrim, Celestial Dance: Shift the Tide, and other sandbox games...
  13. FestivePotato

    Jeoffery's Revenge

    NOTE: The following was copied from the game's Greenlight page, which you can visit here. The game's development was started over due to various reasons, so screenshots will will vary from this forum post to the Greenlight page. Both current screenshots and pre-alpha screenshots will appear...

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