1. Sarlecc

    [DEV]Skill_Usage Plugin

    Some of you may be familiar with a script I made in RPGMAKER VX ACE that could track the usage of skills for actors. It was nice an all but was frustrating as it had no automatic way of sending the data to you. i.e you had to ask your tester(s) to send you the data file. Well development has...
  2. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1 Sarlecc   Introduction This plugin allows you to have achievements inside an RPG maker MV game. It is highly flexible allowing you to program your own achievement scene or to use one of the achievement scene style plugins I have provided.   Features -...
  3. Sarlecc

    Skill Usage [UPDATED] V1.5.2

    Skill Usage V1.5.2 Author Sarlecc   Introduction Have you ever wanted to know precisely how many times your beta testers are using a skill in battle? While now you can! As soon as a player uses a skill it will be put on the list and update the percentages of all skills listed...
  4. Sarlecc

    Cheat Engine Delux Updated (V 1.1.0)

    Cheat Engine Delux Version 1.1.0     Author Sarlecc           Introduction     Have you ever wanted to have a cheat console for your games? Well now you can with huge customization.     This script makes an in game cheat console that can take several cheat commands.     This does not give...

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