1. Potreen

    Dual Wield unequip(Xail/SAS)

    I use Xail Menu and Saphire Action System. <- links If i make daggers dual wield and equip one, the shield slot turns weapon as it should. How ever, if i equip two dual wield weapons and then a main hand weapon later, the second dual wield don't get automatically unequipped. If i then...
  2. Potreen

    Item specific skills

    So, i use SAS(Sapphire Action System 4.4) by Khas, and i wanted some skills only to be usable when wearing a type of item. sword, dagger etc. Also i was hoping to add effects like a healing skill, but that's been prooven hard, so i'm doing damage skills only at the moment. To do this i...
  3. atmanSeijo

    Custom Attack Animations for SAS IV?

    Hello! Fair warning, I am not a programmer by any means, so I'm sorry if I get a lot of lingo wrong. I started fiddling around with Khas Arcthunder's Sapphire Action System IV for a while now and getting the hang of it so that I can use it for a game I want to make, but in his system, the...
  4. JokerBen

    ABS Script Request

    Hello, I am in dire need of an Action Battle System for Ace. I had a perfect one, The Sapphire Action System IV, but it lacked one feature that was necessity to the game- party members participating in battles. I know tons of battle systems exist, but I'm looking for the trusted members of...
  5. Lightning Strike, Sapphire action system help.

    I'd like to know if any of you know if there's a way to instead of shooting a projectile, you make lightning appear infront of you and hurts the enemies that touches the lightning in Sapphire action system. Here's a picture example of what I mean: http://postimg.org/image/4hno7ooif/ If there...
  6. Jordan

    Attacking sprites for SAS's ABS?

    Hello RPG Maker community, Many of my threads have lead up to this question, being is there any attacking ie;punching/kicking or swinging sword sprites that are compatible with SAS's ABS? Couldn't find any at all and question whether they even exist at this point. Please inform me if you have...

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