save and load

  1. xeneeve

    Need help with load script!

    Greetings! I'm trying to use the script to load specific file, but every time i load the save i get this error. For saving i use this script: $gameSystem.setSavefileId(1); $gameSystem.onBeforeSave(); DataManager.saveGame(1); And for save loading i use this: DataManager.loadGame(1) .then(() =>...
  2. Random Panda

    RMMV OC Ram Layers loading a save file issue.

    Hi All, Maybe someone else has run into an issue with this plugin as well. But when I try to load a save I get this error: I tried turning off all other plugins and installing in a fresh project, but no luck. I also get a similar error if I try to load a save in the OC Ram demo project too...
  3. Save Game During Choices

    Hello, all! I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to scripts and forums and the like, so I'll try to be blunt. I've been developing a VN (visual novel) type game with RPGMaker VX Ace, with Galv's visual choices and Yanfly's save engine. Working with existing scripts and patching some lines of...
  4. RMMZ Change Load Display Info

    I am using vizustella savecore and I know there’s a way to change the info displayed. Right now it displays the date, playtime and how much money the character has. I would like to add the the characters name and the map that character is on but I don’t know any code.
  5. CaptainGameMaker

    RMMV Game Save With Screenshot

    As the titles suggests, but to be more specific, I am looking for a way to implement in-game screenshots for the player's save file to show where the player last left off. So this way, when accessing the save menu, each load file should contain an image of player's progression. I've searched...
  6. NichnotFound

    RMMV Change Saving Hud

    i wanted to change the saving hud like OMORI. here is how it should look like, "save 4" is selected. (this is an example of how it should look, not the folders)
  7. arcadekitten

    Some of my players lose their save files when coming back to the game?

    I think this is the right spot to put this, but apologies if it's not. I recently released a game last week (hooray!) but I would say about 3 people came to me saying they were having an issue regarding saving. My game involves using save states, so players can't save from the menu and can...
  8. Items keep disappearing after loading a save

    Whenever I try to load a save, all my items just disappear.
  9. RMMV Reading multiple JSON objects from one file or altering a JSON object's file directly?

    I'm trying to make a custom data structure that gets saved based on my input from inside the game. Kind of think of it like Yanfly's GridFreeDoodad's plugin, which I'm sort of using as a reference except without the fancy UI and graphical loading. In short, I'm making a plugin that'll help me...
  10. Mercedes90

    RMMV A Plugin similar to "Autosave", like a Checkpoint Save?

    I'm looking for a Plugin that makes saves in the background through a Plugin Command rather than forcing the Player to make manual saves from the Main Screen. What I mean is a Checkpoint Save rather than an Autosave - Like as if when the Player has started/completed/failed a quest and the game...
  11. neo00

    Issues With Premade Save/Load Menus

    UPDATE: It must've been a bug because the update fixed it I'm months into learning to use Visual Novel Maker and creating a game and I just now realized that there's an issue with the remade save/load menu which I basically just changed the graphics for. A lot of stuff in this program feels...
  12. Browser version doesnt save (newgrounds)

    The game works ok on dektop, I tried uploading it newgrounds for fun but, there were issues with loading time and saving. I used the web option when deploying. Zipped it up and uploaded to Newgrounds. The game works but there's two issues. 1. You cant save. You can open the menu and click save...
  13. HiSv

    Save scripts and autosaves do not work

    Hey, would be great to get some help from you. Our game is like 95% finished and we started testing everything for a deployment on android. We tested several autosave plugins but none of them seems to work on android. There ist no error message. After rebooting the game there is simply no save...
  14. How do I make the game start without a title screen and have the game be able to load savefiles during gameplay?

    I'm just trying to create my own custom title.
  15. mardin

    Loading issue ! ! !

    My players keep having the same problem with my game. They want to load a save and often times this message appears! I need some advice/help, please!
  16. holyratchels

    Saves game

    Where are game saves stored on disk? C:\Users\[users]\AppData\Local\[game]\ Can't figure out which files? whether or not there are * .sav files
  17. Squareware

    RMMV Copy / paste plain save data

    Hi guys, I wonder if there is a script / plugin that let the player: Copy the save data json text to a file of choise like a .txt And also allowing it to past the save file text into a text box in the game and get loaded.
  18. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    I have made a Single Executable of my game with Enigma Virtual Box and now the "save" feature just doesn't work in my game. I'm close to release, pls, help me! How can I fix this?
  19. TSR

    TSR_Save by The Northern Frog, customize the Save and Load screen

    TSR_Save.js Author: TSR, The Northern Frog This Plugin provides multiple options for customizing the Save/Load screen and altering the game saving system. ==================================================================== FEATURES: Revamp of the Save/Load screen: FILE WINDOW This is the...
  20. fluffymonster

    Locked Saves

    Hello. There doesn't appear to be an MV section in "Maker Specific," so I'm posting this here. How would I go about locking a play through to a specific save slot? I'm attempting to create an experience like Harvest Moon, My Time At Portia, etc. where you pick a slot and it saves it to that...

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