save and load

  1. SrOscuro

    Saving and loading into specific file?

    I am trying to implement in my game my own load/save mechanic. I want to save into a file the current game status everytime the player interacts with a savepoint event. When the player dies, loses one live and in case lives>1 a list of previous savepoints is presented on screen to choose one...
  2. sebarz

    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    Hello everybody, i hope you're doing well. I wondering if there exists any script to enable an autosave on my project. Any type of script or similar thing it helps alot. Thanks in advance. Regards
  3. Almightypebble

    How do you update your project and change old options?

    Hey guys! It might seem like a weird question, but I'm not sure how to go about updating my game with new stuff and have it acknowledge that some things have changed. From what I can tell, if you load a save file some things wont get updated, so everything that is NEW and shows up further ahead...
  4. tale

    Neo Memo - Alternate Save Layout [Archived]

    Alternate Save Layout (Ver.1.01) Creator name: Neo Memo Overview Changes the layout of the save and load screen. Features - Below memo, you can customize how the screen looks & message prompts. - For display settings, set true or false to show something on the screen. Preview Note: This...
  5. Szyu crafting system makes the game "unloadable"

    So I am using Szyu Crafting System on my project... But if I save the game with a crafting book on my inventory, I can't load that file any longer...this problem is happening in the demo of my game...I hope there is no problem in...
  6. ZirconStorms

    ZS Save & Load Grid Menu

    ZS Save & Load Grid Menu - 1.0 // A purely visual script. Allows a couple of customization features. Customization Change help window and file slot opacity / back opacity individually. Add a custom save and load menu background image. Background image can be different depending on whether you...

    Using localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver w/ YEP_SaveCore.js and rpg_managers.js

    I successfully deployed localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver to my RMMV ionic/cordova project. My SQLIte Database is now accessible and writable through the localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver interface. I wrote a simple javascript file to test writing data to it and reading data from it, so that's...

    Question on "save game" file save location IOS

    When RMMV saves the game on a windows device, I believe the "save game" files such as file1.rpgsave, file2.rpgsave, etc are, by default, saved in the same folder as the compiled game.exe file, correct? What I need to know, is where is this default "save game" folder when the game is exported...
  9. How to detect save file modification?

    I've downloaded this Enigma Virtual Box software, to make all of my game data that I exported from RPG MAKER MV into one giant "game.exe" file. So now the players can't mess around with the games ressources like the js or json files. The problem now is, if the user want's to save they're game...
  10. Snake2557

    What's the point of Save Points; a discussion -

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking lately about save points. I mean obviously their purpose is to save the game; but what practical purposes do they serve. Why not allow the player unfettered access to the coveted save menu? What does the developer gain from having this mechanic? Why do I care...
  11. Could i escape the root of Event after importing or loading Save files.

    this is Example. 1. Player had to "Save" during 'Part A' of "B Event". 2. In next map, Player will be die. 3. And will import save file. the question is, after Importing that Save file, how could i escape the root("B Event").
  12. Poryg


    POR_SaveCore, v.1.2 Author: Poryg Introduction A save core that gives user huge power over both their save menu content and their save menu appearance. Useful in combination with HIME_PreTitle events or other custom title screens, since it can really pump up the custom spirit of your game...
  13. Yitzi Litt

    run code on save-file load

    How would I make code run as soon as one loads any save file? Thanks!
  14. Rhino

    [SOLVED] Yanfly + DreamX Picture Common Events Setup Help Needed

    I'm trying to use Yanfly's Picture Common Events and DreamX's Addon to allow the player to open up the menu during dialogue and save/load the game. DreamX's add-on works to allow the player to click on the picture + run the common event during dialogue, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to...

    Question on the technical aspects of "Saving a Game"

    What specifically happens in an RPGMaker Game when the "game is saved"? If I have the identical game (made via RPGMaker MV) installed on two devices, such as a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, or a PC and an Android, what specific files from the /www folder (the HTML 5 portion thats compiled and...
  16. Loading/Save with Variables

    Hello! I have a problem with my actually project. Is it somehow possible to do a save/load scene with variables? I also want to  remove the basic save slots with 15 slots (that the normal save slot do not appear if you save the file) Maybe its possible to do it with map and calling the...

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