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  1. Rhino

    [SOLVED] Yanfly + DreamX Picture Common Events Setup Help Needed

    I'm trying to use Yanfly's Picture Common Events and DreamX's Addon to allow the player to open up the menu during dialogue and save/load the game. DreamX's add-on works to allow the player to click on the picture + run the common event during dialogue, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to...

    Question on the technical aspects of "Saving a Game"

    What specifically happens in an RPGMaker Game when the "game is saved"? If I have the identical game (made via RPGMaker MV) installed on two devices, such as a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, or a PC and an Android, what specific files from the /www folder (the HTML 5 portion thats compiled and...
  3. Loading/Save with Variables

    Hello! I have a problem with my actually project. Is it somehow possible to do a save/load scene with variables? I also want to  remove the basic save slots with 15 slots (that the normal save slot do not appear if you save the file) Maybe its possible to do it with map and calling the...

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