save core

  1. TheUnsaid

    Yanfly Save Core does not work HTML5

    Here's my game as proof. It always says that the save is from a different game.
  2. Drunken Paladin

    Autosave Plugins

    Hi everyone, there are a couple of autosave plugins out there, but they all offer slightly different features and none of them offer the exact ones I would like. Yanfly's automatically overwrites your latest save file, which is uncharacteristically not well thought out, but I do like the little...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Yanfly Savecore, Variables and a Scripts?

    Something that up until now, I have not had to really do with this game yet. But now, I think I've hit a wall and only a script will solve the problem. Here's the deal: Yanfly Save Core plugin only lists Variable Values in numeric format, unless of course you use a script for your variable. I...
  4. Poryg


    POR_SaveCore, v.1.2 Author: Poryg Introduction A save core that gives user huge power over both their save menu content and their save menu appearance. Useful in combination with HIME_PreTitle events or other custom title screens, since it can really pump up the custom spirit of your game...
  5. Save Core BUG

    Hello, I have not yet modified the plugin, in game, when I save, I have this error message. what to do ?
  6. Silenity

    Yanfly Save Core Edit, Edit.

    I'm using an edited version of Yanfly's save core which can be found here: I'd like it so that the faces are centered since there's an extra gap at the end. Also, I'd like to push down the actor's images and the variables down a little since there is some...

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