save data

  1. Dungeonmind

    How do I get the current save index your playing

    This thread with help anyone who wants to help me. Well the title says it all. I am trying to get the current index using the script call: StorageManager.remove(index); Basically, I am trying to delete the...
  2. iNumPad

    [SOLVED] How $dataQuests is saved (to file) on YEP Quest System Plugin?

    Hi there. I'm using Quest Journal System from Yanfly. When I save the game and then loaded it again: The quests are there, the same way it was before the saving. BUT, analyzing the plugin's code itself, I didn't see any line that says "Save $dataQuests content to the save file."...
  3. How to know what savefile is loaded?

    Hello! I'm new here and (I don't speak english very well, so I'll try my best to be understable) I wonder how to know what savefile is loaded with a script call. I'm trying to make if the player die somewhere, when he'll load the game again and go back where he was died, he'll be alble to see...
  4. Application Preferences Won't Save [FIXED]

    I am trying to map hotspots, but the dialogue that opens is too big, and most of it is off screen. I went to Tools --> Preferences --> Application and unchecked "use original size in preview." As soon as I close the preferences dialogue, it resets. I can't change any settings. I tried...
  5. Zausen

    Save new custom data

    Hello everybody! I'm not sure if this is the correct place for my question, If not i´ll rewrite it again in the correct place. if this place is corect, Perfect! I'm designing some scripts for a game. (I have some simple javascripts, when finish cleaning them I think that I will share them)...
  6. White Flare

    Updating HTML without losing save.

    I'm having a friend test out my game on a makeshift website I'm hosting from my computer. Every time I re-deploy the game it wipes out his save file and he is getting sick of the intro. Is there a way to re-deploy without losing save data?
  7. Save data error due to Common Event?

    Hello everybody. I am a newbie to this RPG Maker MV and I'd like to ask something about save data error due to common events. I am using mostly Yanfly plugins in my projects and some HimeWorks' ones. If this question have been asked before, please let me know because I can't seem to find it...

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