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  1. casper667

    [CGMZ] Save File

    CGMZ Save File By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 4/20/2021 Latest Version: 1.0.2 This plugin modifies the save / load screens to show more game information as well as providing additional customization options. Adds more information in the save screen Easily customize save screen options like...
  2. casper667

    [CSCA] Save File Plus

    CSCA Save File Plus By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 3/5/2013 Latest Version: 1.0 Introduction Changes the way the save file selection screen looks. Also has a (very basic) new game + system. Features Modify the save / load screens (file select) New Game + functionality How to Use Setup...
  3. Nowis-337

    [Solved...?] Deleting Save File In-Game In MZ

    Hi all, I am looking into script calls to delete save files from within the game in MZ. From researching around the forums, I found the following script call for MV which works perfectly for my purpose when used within MV: StorageManager.remove(id); From my amateur digging around the MZ...
  4. MRD256

    Deleting the Save file after Game Over?

    Does anyone know if there's a plugin that can delete the current save file if you Game Over? I know I can just not allow the player to save, but the game is kinda long, and I'd rather not have the player play several hours in one sitting, unless they want to of course. So I'd at least like them...
  5. Create new Max Save File Cap?

    Hi guys. I was wondering how to create an event players can unlock a new save file in the game as a reward. I know that with YEP_SaveCore, you can pre-determine the max save files or save file cap, THOUGH...I'm wondering if there is a simple solution to this with a script call or something, so...
  6. RMMV 1.6.1 SaveFiles act weird

    Hi, new user here. Well this problem it's a bit weird the last time i've used RMMV was back on 1.2.1 since then I change a lot of computers and reacently I've downloaded MV to cerate a project but I have this weird behavior with the save files, back in 1.2.1 when I deployed a game usually the...
  7. Main character cross-save file interaction?

    So what I want to do with my game is have two of the main characters meet near the end of the game. The catch is that I want the main character that the player meets to have the same moveset + items as they had the last time the player beat the game with that character. So for example: The...
  8. Gravemaster

    Zalerinian's Files+ saves transferring? (VX Ace)

    Hey. I was going through my bought dlcs the other day, looking for some treasure I might have missed when I had first copy-pasted the "usable" resources elsewhere, and in the RPGMakerDS+_PCK I found Zalerinian's Files+ save script, which gives all sorts of useful details in the save files. The...
  9. tale

    Easy Continue (Continue from previous save after Game Over)

    Easy Continue (Continue from previous save after Game Over) 2014/06/12 Creator name: Nana Overview If there's a save file, you can continue where you last lefted off after Game Over. Features 2 work types to choose from under initial setting- 0 - Continue from last save/ cancel if no save...
  10. tale

    UseOnlyOneSave (1 save file)

    UseOnlyOneSave - Version 1.1.4 (2018/01/06) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Doesn't go through each screen when loading or saving, only uses 1 file. Features - Able to change save message through parameter. - The message for saving appear when you save, no save screen. - On title screen...
  11. FoxySeta

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks the game after answering

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks tha game after answering. Is that an engine bug or am I just doing things wrong? I haven't tested this there, but you can use an Action UI template to check it yourselves.
  12. DarkEspeon

    Creating chapters for the game?

    Hello! I'd like to know if it's possible to create a chapter system. Most of the time people want to be able to return to these chapters later on, but I don't need to be able to go to any of them. I just want some kind of a display at given moments? Like an animation, or I don't know what...
  13. SpookyFace66

    Unable to continue game?

    I started a brand new project on RPG Maker and I've already put at least 48 hours of work into it. I encountered a bug just today and I don't know how to fix it. Simply put, it's doing this: No matter if you have any save files inside the game folder, the game won't let you continue. And when I...
  14. Rog

    A discussion on "DLC-like" downloads?

    I'd like to talk about an idea that has been mulling in my mind for quite some time. I loved the old Quest for Glory games, and games like Mass Effect because you could take a character from one game and plug them into the next one. I'm wondering if this might be possible for an RPGM series of...
  15. No 'New Game'?

    I want to do a thing where the player can't create a 'new game'. I have an idea so they can keep playing, but they're still affected by what they did in the past. It'll take a while but I just wanted this to be made- so they can't just 'restart' so simply. If anyone could make it so that you can...
  16. piqueRAJ

    RPG Maker MV Saves Keep Disappearing, Help!

    Okay I'm getting super frustrated with this. For the past couple days, while play testing my RPG Maker MV game, when I go to select a file to save my progress I've been getting this weird and annoying bug--selecting the file would give me the buzzer sound and when I check the save files...
  17. Name Input In Save File, Like In Zelda Or Mario RPG

    How do I do this? I'm using mjshi's More Informative Saves v1.0b and on line 66 is "text" where I want the player's name to appear after you choose the name, so the name would appear on the save file.
  18. SaiScott

    Browser Save File Questions

    I have a few questions regarding how the save file works in the browser. Where is the save file located? Does it get saved to the hosting server, or to the browser? Does clearing browser cache delete your save file? Is there a way to integrate save file with forums? By this, I mean could I...
  19. AceOfAces_Mod

    Switching Save file location to the user's Documents using Dekita's Game File Control

    I want to switch the save file's default location using Dekita's Game File Control (included on his Developer Control and Utility Systems from the game's folder to Documents/My Games folder (Windows Vista and later). How do...
  20. Seriel

    Jackus Snippets | 002 - Common event on Load

    Mirror Topic at Hello! This is the second of my 'Jackus Snippets' series!   This one loads a Common Event every time you load a save file and/or everytime you start a New Game.   Anyway....     Screenshots   Demo     Download   License       Thanks for reading! Some feedback...

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