save point

  1. Nightblade50

    Save points: Yes or no?

    So do you all use save points in your games, or let the player save from the menu whenever? And do you mind the use of save points in games you are playing? I don't use or like them because I don't have a bunch of time to sit and play video games until the next save point just happens to come...
  2. rpghexe

    Removing saveing from menu.

    Hi, so in the game in creating I have added an actual object in the game that serves as a save point, that the player can use to access the save menu from. Because of this, I want to remove the option to save from the menu, aka the pause menu, because two ways to save just seems a bit overkill...
  3. Proelium_Ex_Deus

    Conditional Event Aggravation

    Alright, I don't usually come to these forums for stuff, as I usually like to figure things out / learn on my own (&/or pour through existing forums &/or Google searches for related topics), but this one has driven me so nuts that I've resorted to creating an account on this forum JUST to ask...
  4. IAmVianca

    Save Point Help

    Hello everyone. I am trying to make a save point event--a statue that gives players the ability to save their game and to heal their party if they chose to. I can make the event just fine...except for the part concerning the healing/recovery of the party. I want to set it up so that the...
  5. LightofthedimVXA

    Need a Save Point sprite made from this symbol

    I need an animated save point made from this symbol if at all possible (VXAce). I made one with a flowing gradient, but the framerate on VXAce doesn't make it look right. It's either too fast or too slow. So I need a creative mind to maybe throw something together for me. This is the symbol...

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