save system

  1. Is it worth it to create an alternate save system in MV that isn't too plugin-heavy?

    FULL TITLE: Is it possible to create an alternate save system in MV that isn't too plugin-heavy, or would I be better off just disregarding the built in option and try to manipulate events to create a pseudo-save system? For more clarification, I want my game's save system (just going to...
  2. tearsofthenight

    Looking for a save system script like this -

    basically im looking for a save system that when you call the save menu, it brings up a journal like picture with lines where you can save.
  3. SaveScreen save system

    Can some make a save plugin that show you where your character on the screen and before you say "Get Ark_SaveScreen.js" I have try that but i keep on getting error 404
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Roguelike Save System

    What does it do? One slot per game save. Can only save when returning to title or forcefully saving. Save is deleted on death. Infinite save files.   Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Roguelike Save System Created: 2015-05-08 Version: 1.0   Screenshots: No.   Script: <Link: Github>...
  5. Blue001

    "Player Profile" Save System

    I looked around, and as far as I can tell no one has made a "profile system" yet. Zelda 1's system, or Mario 64's is kind of what I want. I am making a rogue-like rpg, and I want to save the players progress in their profile. As no game progress is saved except unlocks and high scores, and...

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