1. RMMV Load the last save automatically on Continue

    I was wondering if there's a plugin I can use that automatically opens the last save file without opening the save menu when you select 'continue' on the title screen.
  2. Save menu visual novels

    Good afternoon. I'm looking for a plugin to make the save menu look like in visual novels, when instead of a character image, a screenshot of the screen is visible at the time of saving.
  3. CaptainGameMaker

    RMMV Game Save With Screenshot

    As the titles suggests, but to be more specific, I am looking for a way to implement in-game screenshots for the player's save file to show where the player last left off. So this way, when accessing the save menu, each load file should contain an image of player's progression. I've searched...
  4. arcadekitten

    Some of my players lose their save files when coming back to the game?

    I think this is the right spot to put this, but apologies if it's not. I recently released a game last week (hooray!) but I would say about 3 people came to me saying they were having an issue regarding saving. My game involves using save states, so players can't save from the menu and can...
  5. BoneCollectors

    RMMV Help to edit conditional menu commands in Save/Load scene

    Hi! In our game, we have specific places to save the game and other places to load the game. I am trying the edit the Save/Load scene because I want to limit the options depending on the load restrictions. I am writing something wrong in the lines below...
  6. thehipsternugget

    How to not have file be corrupted?

    Hi! So I've ran into a few problems where on multiple instances, my rpg maker is "unable to read" my game files/ is corrupted, and I am not sure what causes it. I was told it's because it takes a while to save properly after closing the program but this has made me paranoid. How long am I...
  7. CardeMaker

    How can i get an save file information and make events based on it?

    I don't know if the title make it clear, but what i have in mind is to make an main menu based on Valve's campaign games (such Half-Life 2 and Portal 2) where the title screen background changes according to your most recent save file, how can i obtain save data for using as an variable or...
  8. PachucoCadaver

    RMMV Bug when loading game

    Hi! Does anyone know what the problem might be here, or how to fix it at least? It's a save I created just now that I'm trying to load, it crashes like this if I quit the game and open it again and try to load the game. It doesn't happen if I quit to the main menu and load the game without...
  9. Creating files in the game's directory to change events

    For you to understand what I want, take the boss battle Toriel, from Undertale, as an example: If you, during the fight, talk to the boss, two important dialogues may appear for you. But there lies the peculiarity: the dialog that appears depends on the answer to a condition of existence of a...

    RMMZ Auto updater for RMMZ?

    Hey devs, I've been looking around for something that will allow me to have players update their game without having to redownload the game all together. Does anyone have a plugin that can do this? (I've already tried using SRD_AUTOUPDATER but that doesn't work.
  11. Mercedes90

    RMMV A Plugin similar to "Autosave", like a Checkpoint Save?

    I'm looking for a Plugin that makes saves in the background through a Plugin Command rather than forcing the Player to make manual saves from the Main Screen. What I mean is a Checkpoint Save rather than an Autosave - Like as if when the Player has started/completed/failed a quest and the game...
  12. isaias20

    [Request] saving text while (save progress) script

    is there any way to display the text "saving ..." while the player save the game? (RPG Maker VX Ace) Sometimes, when you have been playing for many hours and a lot of progress and you save the game, the program takes a long time to save, so it would be appropriate to show a message or something...
  13. Browser version doesnt save (newgrounds)

    The game works ok on dektop, I tried uploading it newgrounds for fun but, there were issues with loading time and saving. I used the web option when deploying. Zipped it up and uploaded to Newgrounds. The game works but there's two issues. 1. You cant save. You can open the menu and click save...
  14. remainderstudios

    Strange bug with save files and new game

    I just spotted a very serious and rare bug in rpg maker vx ace. Bring attention. - I start a new game - I go to a map X (An empty house for example), I create an object from a template (Spawn events). - I put the object on the ground. - I save the game - Without exiting the game, I go to the...
  15. Merryjest

    [MZ] Forcing save before battle processing

    Alright, so I am using the Visustella plugin suite, and a recent update just rendered another plugin I really liked (Dragon Cave's battle retry plugin) rather useless (retrying a battle now pops up a message saying that VS Core does not allow you to switch in the middle of combat)... no biggie...
  16. CEO1234

    RMMV Problems with YEP_SaveCore...

    Yanfly's save core for RPG Maker MV really adds a lot of useful functionality to my game. However, my game will have save spots, so you won't be able to save in the game until you come across these spots. This wasn't initially a problem, but then I noticed that you can still delete or load a...
  17. Vis_Mage

    Android Save File Location

    Quick question here, does anyone know where save files are stored on Android devices?
  18. Vis_Mage

    RPG Maker MV Editor - Crashes if Save Takes too Long

    Hey there, :kaohi: So, there's an issue that I've been facing for a while now with RPG Maker MV's editor, that I'm curious if anyone has run into themselves, or possibly found a solution for. That is, when saving a project (in the editor, NOT in the game), if it takes too long to save (for me...
  19. mardin

    Loading issue ! ! !

    My players keep having the same problem with my game. They want to load a save and often times this message appears! I need some advice/help, please!
  20. Map/Hashmap/Hashtable datatype erased after Save/Load

    Hi, I've got a question specific to some of the more basic Javascript functionality that RPGM uses. I've been using Map/Hashtable objects to store information about the game. Particularly things that the players have unlocked. I store them into $gameVariables objects like everything else, so...

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