1. Using both save anywhere and save points

      As I've seen some people here arguing saving anywhere vs save points(or items, same below) and I'm interested in this topic, I want to share some(maybe just plain stupid) ideas about this.   It seems that some people treat saving anywhere and save points as mutual exclusive while some treat...
  2. Golden Fish Entertainment

    DS+ Resource Pack "Save Menu" Script Issue

    We recently decided to add the alternate save menu script by Zalerinian, which was included with the DS+ Resource pack. HOWEVER, we have a problem :( Whenever we try to save a new file in-game, it saves the "playtime" of out current test file, but then resets everything else (characters...
  3. flyingswine

    Yanfly Save Engine question

    Yanfly Save Engine: This script shows the location that you saved from on the save list. How can I make it so instead of the map name, it shows the map display name? Thanks!
  4. Lunarea

    Deal-of-the-Week Event

    As some of you know, last week we launched a brand new feature on our website: Deal of the Week. Every week, we will be posting a brand new deal - giving you the opportunity to save some money and still enjoy the fantastic extra content we offer in our main store. To celebrate this new...
  5. In-game saving game isn't working

    I have a game that some friends are testing for me, and the first thing they told me was that I have a bug with saving the game. I have tested this out as well and when I go to save the game it wont let me save. This is playing the game outside of rpg maker, after I installed the game outside of...
  6. Save menu and New Game Plus script compatability

    Hello! I have two scripts I would like to use together in my game but they aren't quite jiving... The two scripts are this New Game Plus script and the Neo Save System VI script. The New Game Plus script works fine with my other scripts, but when I add in the Neo Save System VI script, the New...
  7. Arisete™

    Enhanced Save [Simple]

    Enhanced Save [simple] By: Levi Stepp (Lankaino)   - Introduction - Just like my other save script, this one is PLUG N' PLAY with no customizations. [LDS] Save Screen 1.0 - My other save script. - Features - Map Names shown on Save/Load. Actor Facesets shown instead of character sprites...
  8. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Save $data

    Save $data v1.00 by Adiktuzmiko       ++ Intoduction ++     Normally, when you edit in-gamethe values of the $data items (like $data_actors, $data_classes etc), those edits are lost after closing the game. This is because the game doesn't save the $data objects into the file.   So, I created...
  9. DerTraveler

    Persistent Map Events

    Persistent Map Events v2.0 by DerTraveler Introduction Adds the possibility to make map events persistent between map and/or page changes. That means that you can leave a map (change a page) and when you return it will be in the exact same state as last time. This includes following...
  10. ZoroarX

    No Save, No Return Point!

    ZoroarX here asking another question. Well, today, in my project, there will be a part only for experienced players (After the Main Story, of course). It's called the No Return Point, when you just enter that point, you'll save, but then until you get out of there, you won't be able to save...
  11. Sel Feena

    Adding persistent data, how to use DataManager

    How much hassle would this be to do? Really, all I'm looking to do, or would be interested to learn how to do, is add information to the Event class (just some strings and integers) in such a way that it is preserved properly with Saves / Loads. I'm fine with adding to the class definition to...
  12. Genocidal Dave

    Removing add_save_command doesn't work

    Hello. In my game I want to have save points, meaning you will only be able to save at certain places. I found a way to remove the save command by removing add_save_command in Window_MenuCommand. Then suddenly it stopped working. I've used a # and even removed the line, but it still won't...
  13. LightofthedimVXA

    Need a Save Point sprite made from this symbol

    I need an animated save point made from this symbol if at all possible (VXAce). I made one with a flowing gradient, but the framerate on VXAce doesn't make it look right. It's either too fast or too slow. So I need a creative mind to maybe throw something together for me. This is the symbol...
  14. Hororo

    saving error

    i would like to ask for help regarding with the saving error whenever i go to the save scene, i can't save anything, no files are created only buzzers are being heard whenever i click to save a file i removed all the scripts still i can't save my game, i hope you can help me fix the issue
  15. Azurecyan

    Save Point Sprite

    Hello, I am requesting a save point sprite...i want it similar to the Other1 sprite I want it like the bottom 3rd from the left, the orb. instead i want it to be a glowing ticking clock face that has mini wings in the back, with each part of the animation with the minute hand pointing to the...
  16. CRBeam

    Custom Save System

    I need a save system with a customizable # of save slots, the ability to delete a save from the load menu, Autosave on the save index you loaded your game from or in the case of a New Game the first empty slot, and that disables New Game if all save slots are taken. I appreciate any help as i've...
  17. Kire

    Handling the Save option

    Normal Rpg's save anywhere , well i don't like those large cut scenes that you already saw ,even skipping them can be annoying . Action Rpg's save points ,although i had problems with it , let's say , i killed a boss after 4h , was doing a happy dance (it was necessary) when i accidentally...

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