1. File Select Tries to Load Nonexistent Image File

    My brother's having an issue where when he tries to access file select, either through saving or loading, instead he gets an error message saying it can't load an image (an old character portrait image which doesn't exist anymore). We're both kinda noobs with RPG Maker, but I figure I just have...
  2. ZirconStorms

    RGSS3 - Splendith Save + DataManager.save_game error

    Script link: I'm using a completely non-edited version of the script above. When using that script, the game has trouble fully saving until you go into the save menu, exit, and then...
  3. tale

    Witch's House Menu (Imitation)

    Witch's House Menu (Imitation) Ver 1.1.0 | 2016.08.12 Creator name: lctseng Introduction A menu similar to Witch's House Feature - Menu reminiscent to Fummy's The Witch's House Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks- 魂 (Lctseng) License - Apache License...
  4. Can't save or load game after deployment

    Hi, After deploying my game for OSX or webbrowser the game refuses to save. Nor will it notice any of save files I copy into the 'save' folder. Before deployment (during game testing) I can save and load games without any problems. If I deploy for Windows I can likewise save and load games to...
  5. Zen Blood

    Initializing, Saving, and Extracting Hashes

    Good day everyone! I am having a heck of a time making custom variables and hashes (for scripts I've made) initiated upon beginning the game, saved, and then extracted properly. Thanks to help I received, I was able to figure out where to begin, but now I'm getting an error that I haven't been...
  6. Zausen

    Wath happen with json files and notes?

    Hello everybody! I was designing an plugin and in the process I think... If I create a new json and a new object and I explain to datamanager it, will it work? For example: Json file X: [ {A: "miau miau miau", B: "mew mew mew", C: "nya nya nya"}, {A: "miau2 miau2 miau2", B: "mew2 mew2 mew2"...
  7. FoxySeta

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks the game after answering

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks tha game after answering. Is that an engine bug or am I just doing things wrong? I haven't tested this there, but you can use an Action UI template to check it yourselves.
  8. FoxySeta

    Warning when loading a save file

    An alpha's tester of mine got this warning when loading a save file. How can I solve this?
  9. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    A Script That Checks Your Computers Programs.

    In my game I wan't there to be a feature on the menu or ingame. This feature can check if you have downloaded a certain program. AKA "One Of The Previous Games In My Series" Basically a conditonal branch to check if you have a certain program downloaded on to your computer. Is there a script...
  10. tale


    SaveBGS - 2018/06/19 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Able to save or resume BGS with a plugin command Features - It's possible to save/ replay BGS - Short code Plugin Command- To save BGSSaveBGS Resume BGSReplayBGS Plugin preview-...
  11. Could i escape the root of Event after importing or loading Save files.

    this is Example. 1. Player had to "Save" during 'Part A' of "B Event". 2. In next map, Player will be die. 3. And will import save file. the question is, after Importing that Save file, how could i escape the root("B Event").
  12. Rook47

    Virtual enigma box can't save game

    Hi so I am trying to update my steam game and haven't done a update in a while now and I remember I had a issue with this before where I can't save the game with virtual enigma box exe it creates I think some one told me I need to make a WWW folder but when I delpoy the game to output it...
  13. TheRoflcer

    Sudden Windows_Save error

    So I've been fiddling with some of the scripts, and I have attempted making changes with Windows_Save, but went back on it all. I all of a sudden got an error (Mentioned Below), unable to identify the problem I just copied and pasted a default-standard save file in an unedited project over, but...
  14. Thordon123

    Saving and Options Errors in Downloadable Version

    Enigma Virtual Box- I've recently put my game up on as a single, downloadable file which I created through Engima Virtual Box. It plays fine mostly, save for two errors: One: The game can't be saved (when I try it just makes a "cancel"...
  15. captainhellfireband

    Password system for player level and items

    Ahoy guys! Hey I'm just wonderin has anyone thought of creating a password system that correlates to the players level and items that they can type into a sequel and start with everything they finished the last game with? I'm about to release a game in 2 parts and have heard that transfering...
  16. Yitzi Litt

    save after battle

    How would I go about making the save screen come up after the player has won a battle? (If you force it before you go back to scene, it glitches)
  17. Llareian

    [Minor Bug] Save changes alert with no project open [1.5.1, Windows 10]

    This is a seriously minor issue (I think), but it's a bug nonetheless, so I thought I'd report it in case it hasn't been caught for the next version. If you don't save changes to your project when you close it, you will get an alert prompt to save changes when you try to start a new project...
  18. Rook47

    Can't save game

    So i put my game through the virtual enigma box and when I go to save I get the buzzing sound and can't save i fixed this before but can't remember how. Can someone help me?
  19. Isabella Ava

    How does a RPGMV game recognize its Save file?

    Hi there, i wonder how does a RPGMV game recognize its Save file? I had saved my game, then change the project title, some system terms, some items, and then tried to load the old save file before. It loaded just very fine... well, so? What does a RPGMV game check to know if a Save file is its...
  20. aypooma

    How to change save text?

    Sorry to ask but I need some help with this I'm making a game and I want to change the "save text". By save text I mean the text that shows when you save your game. Right now it says "Save to which file?" and I want to change it to something else. Thanks

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